Monday Motivation: The Art Of Letting Go

Monday Motivation: The Art Of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

Mariah Carey has this song called, “The Art Of Letting Go” and in it two phrases stuck out to me, “I am no longer in your dominion” and “Letting go aint easy.” As I enter into this new journey that just happens to align with the New Year it makes me think about moving forward but having to leave things behind.

We as a people can be very materialistic at times and that can be more than just name brand shoes, clothes, etc. However, when thinking about materials in general, they are putting a hold on us. Things like books, paper, gadgets and other items that we may not think about when when we think of the term materialistic. These things, these tangible things get a hold of us for many different reasons. Maybe it is that birthday card from you significant other with sweet heartfelt thoughts written in it. Maybe it is a pen from the high school you went to 25 years ago. Sometimes I have to ask myself why do I even keep these things as they take up space in needmy home.

Sometimes we are so visual and forget about the thoughts and habits that take up mental and emotional space. These thoughts are mostly holding us in a negative way. Thoughts of insignificance, thoughts of harm to ourselves and others, thoughts of things that do not support growth. My biggest thought right now taking up space in my head and lifestyle is attached to my physical self… I am always looking in the mirror dissatisfied with thoughts of ugliness, being overweight and just low self esteem with my skin and hair. These thoughts consume my time and put in my spirit negative feelings which is not how I want to live my life.

There are two other areas in life that we have things in our lives that need to get some attention as well. Habits and people, you will realize when these things do not have your best interest at heart. They will make you feel bad, cause issues physically and just eat your time with out providing any good outcomes. These habits make you sick, these people pull so much out of you.

Many of of are so stuck in these places with these things that we do not know how to be open to better. This process is not meant to be easy and maybe not even fun but it is necessary. We have to be at that point though of no return so that when we do let go of these things we will be ready and keep them gone.

A lot of the times we will NEVER be ready but sometimes those things, people, and habits are taken from us. For example, my mother used to smoke cigarettes and I hated it. One day she lifted her hand up to smoke and her face went numb and she was having a stroke. After that day she lost all desire to smoke and I thank God. Another example is that maybe we are forced to let go of things like having to go to the ER because of chest pain and the doctor says, “If you want to live, you have to stop eating…” and that is your favorite meal. You were’t ready but your life depends on it. Maybe if we start thinking like that when contemplating letting go of things that are keeping us bondage then it might be just a little easier to do.

So as I move into the new year, new life and in a new location, I will be having to let go of a lot of things so that I can be open to new.

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Things to think about when letting go:

  • Are these things things connected to who you are, who you used to be or who you want to be?
  • Are these things holding you captive?
  • Are these things giving you joy, pain or no emotional attachment at all?
  • Stop focusing on what you don’t want but instead on those things you do want and what makes you happy.
  • Realize that once you let go of things that do no good, you make room for better opportunities.

Steps of letting go:

  • Think of the things, thoughts, people and habits, write it down.
  • Be honest, do you want to remove these things? If so, proceed to next step.
  • Remove these things, thoughts habits and people that stunt the growth of progression.
  • Replace things with positive thoughts, people and habits.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • Get ready for better.

20 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year:

  1. Fear- of commitment, failure, success, relationships, etc….
  2. YesterSELF- We should always strive to be better than we were yesterday.
  3. Fashion that does not accentuate your body.
  4. Thinking that you have to do it all and all by yourself.
  5. Letting go of selfishness, it is better to give than to receive.
  6. Let go of grudges and forgive others
  7. Mistakes that you have made, forgive yourself!
  8. Toxic people and ex’s- if they are doing us no good then we must move on without them.
  9. Our HATE’s and dislikes… hate your job? Time to find a new one. Hate your living situation? Find a new one. Whatever they are that are causing us stress and discontentment we have to either find something in good in it or replace it.
  10. Others expectations and opinions of us, especially if they are unrealistic. So many people have ideas of what we need to do and be but at the end of the day the only opinion and expectations we should live up to is God and ourselves.
  11. Relying on others to make us happy. We are the master of our happiness.
  12. Comparing our lives to those on Facebook and Instagram. Remember, people 99% of the time post only the GOOD stuff.
  13. Comfort zone, we can be so stuck in it that we forget there is a huge beautiful world with so much to offer.
  14. Believing we do not deserve greater. WE deserve that and much more.
  15. Unhealthy habits, smoking, drinking, bad foods, laziness, negative words to self and others, drugs, cheating, lying, gambling, etc
  16. Waiting for the perfect time, there is no perfect time and if you keep waiting you will be waiting forever.
  17. Sloppiness- our appearance, our home, how we do things, we should do everything with excellence. Take care of what we are handling.
  18. Nasty attitudes and comments to and about self and others.
  19. Thinking that we are not enough!
  20. Last year, time to build and grow to next level in life.

Are you ready? I sure am… let’s do this.

Thank you to Regina and Vanessa for helping me with this post.

I hope that we reach our OWN levels and live the lives we want and are destined to do.

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Peace and Blessings,

I’m letting go of worthless things and people. If it doesn’t make me money, make me happy, or make me healthy it’s serving no purpose. -George Gilliam

Some quotes about letting go

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  • Girl, this spoke to me. I promised myself that I will be lightening the load by the end of this month. I don’t want to carry things that are detrimental to my health into the next year!

  • Love it thanks I so needed this. I can’t think straight or do anything with a messy cluttered house. I keep putting it off or not doing it all like I should. I will today!!

  • Love this. Letting go can be so hard.. ugh.

    • Cicely

      Oh I know it! What are some things you are letting go? 🙂

  • This is right on time.I can relate to this on so many levels. Number 3 cracked me up Lol!! It’s necessary though. Thank you for sharing!

    • Cicely

      I was like I should put a little humor in there! 🙂 Oh good I am glad you like it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Love this post! I am in the process of quitting all the things that aren’t creating the outcomes I deserve, desire, and so desperately need to become the amazing person I was designed to be. This post just reaffirmed my mission. It’s time to make room for some magic!

    • Cicely

      Magic is necessary 💜💜💜 and I believe you will be great! Thank you so much for commenting.

  • Wonderful well-written piece of motivational and directional literature. This should be read by every subscriber to “New Year’s Resolutions”. This piece will give everyone an effective road map to really make changes in their lives. It’s refreshing to discover an author that writes so in-depth and with such impact. Keep doing it big Cicely!

    • Cicely

      This means soooo much to me and it is really encouraging. Thank you so much for believing in me and my blog.