10 Secrets to Creating Healthy Habits For Life

10 Secrets to Creating Healthy Habits For Life

10 Secrets to Creating Healthy Habits For Life

Hey beautiful people!!!

So the New Year has come and many of us have created resolutions or vision boards or other devices to encourage us to do better in the New Year. This is week two and I am hoping and praying that those resolutions are sticking, but if not, no worries… I have the secret sauce!

I wanted to start all my Whole Body changes the first of the year but was tricky due to the fact that I was out of town on vacation. But I started Jan. 7, no time like the present. Better late than never, that is what they say!

Healthy Habits are not just for eating clean or working out but it includes holding yourself accountable! How do you hold your grown self, accountable? I cheat a lot! One thing I learned is that I have to tell the person that is supposed to be doing this with me to NOT tell me they cheat because that will jack me up! I realized, my person or people can’t hold me accountable and that I have to do this for myself! Talk about self-love, why would you cheat yourself to living better, feeling better and just being better! That is silly!

I had been pondering how I was going to make this stick and turn it into a lifestyle so that I can hold myself accountable. Some inspiration came!!! So if you are like me and need some techniques, then these might be good for you!

10 Secrets to Creating Healthy Habits For Life

  1. Pay Your Self– Over my break, I hung out with my cousin and she was talking about her fitness goals and tracking them but also rewarding herself. I thought of ways that I could reward myself and then the light went off, PAY YOURSELF. I decided to put a price tag on my fitness goals. I said for every time I work out I pay myself $5 but put it in a jar and when I reach my goal I would take the cash and go buy a new wardrobe! Or makeup! I gave myself benchmarks!
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  2. Notice the Difference- Pain, how you feel, how you look… This is big for me as I literally have pain and other symptoms from the foods I eat and the lack of activity. Have you been your ideal weight before and felt so much confidence? Have you ever eaten something that made you feel horrible? Track and remember that, it is fuel for you to stay on track!
  3. Get You Some Cheerleaders– Not so much as someone to stay on your back but someone that you can brag to, share your good news to that will be your biggest supporters! People that encourage you and give you kind words! When I went to the grocery store, I stuck to the grocery list, batched cooked and prepared meals for the week. I was too excited! I sent pictures to my family and they cheered me on which made my day!
  4. Keep A Rewards and Visual Chart of Progress– I don’t know about you but I need to literally SEE progress or change. I check my bank account every day, I check my weight, I check my stats on the blog just so that I know what is happening to prepare. Your boss ever come to you and ask the status of whatever you are working on and you had no clue? Well, that is embarrassing and you are not doing a great job handling your tasks. So you are your boss, you need to know what is happening so that you can take the necessary measures to do what needs to happen. So a visual is perfect, write it in a journal, write it on the mirror, get a chalk or white board, have something so that you can track and see it every day!
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No– I had to let my friend know over the weekend that I just couldn’t go to brunch. First, I am working on healthy habits with my money and 2, I am really working on the food I eat and going out will make me think YOLO and that’s a huge no no! Stick to your guns and be totally fine with that!
  6. Give Yourself Consequences– It is so easy to do what you want since you are a grown a** adult and you are responsible for your own life. But that is just it, you are responsible for your OWN life, you do as you please, but you owe it to yourself to be good to yourself and realize you aren’t being good to yourself! One of my things is to get up at a reasonable time, giving time to do things and not rush. Most of the time, I stay in bed to the last minute. My consequence for getting up late is that I cannot wear makeup! I enjoy wearing makeup but if I can’t get up on time I can’t reward myself!
  7. Take Classes– The few times that I lost weight drastically and ate healthily is when I paid for fitness classes. The instructors not only talked about fitness but paying attention to the foods you put into your body! This is a great way to build a community in the same arena and you need community!
  8. Give Yourself a Budget– Whether that be time, the number of foods you eat, money or whatever, create a budget or set boundaries and like always, KEEP TRACK! This helps you stick to what your goals are. If you only want to spend $30 a week on food, only take CASH to the grocery store. If you only want 2 apples a day, portion them off and set it aside, if you only want to spend an hour doing work at home, set a timer.
  9. Make It Fun – Pinterest is Bae! Pinterest will have me changing my whole life and spending my whole check! Who says the food has to boring and bland? Pinterest is an amazing way to find recipes specifically for what you are looking for. I mean, if you aren’t on Pinterest, what are you doing with your life?
  10. Don’t Lose the Flavor– Food naturally has amazing flavors and there are some amazing spices that are NATURAL to spice up your life! Salt and Pepper are not the only spices people!!!

As you go into this year, pick a few and practice those steps to create healthy habits that will be beneficial for the long term! Easier said than done, but just take it one day at a time, practicing always!

What are some of your tips for creating healthy habits? Comment below!

Healthy Habits

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