Wine and Whatever: Sisterhood, CuttyBuddy and Wine

Wine and Whatever: Sisterhood, CuttyBuddy and Wine

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I have always had that picture in my mind where I had a whole bunch of girlfriends where we all were living the lives that we really wanted. We were living our own definitions of success and
loving it. I saw us hanging out at each other’s beautifully decorated homes drinking wine and laughing nonstop. I saw us taking girlfriend trips around the world. I saw us being each others biggest fans. We kept it real with each other, we didn’t mess with each others man, we were really sisters. But my reality is that I am guarded and have a hard time connecting with a group of women.

I look on FB and see how some women are still friends from high school and they are always having the best time. My reality is that once I do find some women I connect with life happens and I leave. For example, started connecting more with a few women at church about 7 years ago, and within a few months I was announcing that I am leaving to Miami. Another example, I joined my ex husband’s church and then I let my guard down. We were having some great fun, doing things, having deep conversations and then I got divorced and left the church. It is a challenge when you once saw certain people about 3-4 times a week and then nothing. Then this group at my church, it took me awhile to be a part of because of all of my issues but even then I didn’t want to go too deep because I knew I was leaving soon and that saddens me. Another group of women, the wine and whatever group, I am sad that it is just in its beginning stages and again, I am leaving.

I know that I have my issues due to maybe me being the only child, I have a hard time connecting with people, I like to be alone most of the time but lately I have been desiring that sisterhood. I think it is necessary to have. I think that we need those sisters even if it is just a moment. I always believed that people are in your lives forever or just for a season but however long it is we need to cherish those moments and find the lessons in those people!

Can we discuss this topic in the comments below? What are your thoughts on sisterhood? How do you develop new friendships with women? Do you have a hard time connecting or is it easy? Let’s talk about this!


So I think I heard that CuttyBuddy is back but I will watch it tonight! But yes let’s discuss this term CuttyBuddy. I did a Periscope on it about a week ago with the main question being, “Can a woman really have a CuttyBuddy without catching feelings?” Most of the women said no and I agreed. I was like how can one have sex a lot with the same person and not develop a bond? You are trusting each other with this secret and your body. On Being Mary Jane, I know they are catching feelings. You begin to start seeing each other as not just a friend with benefits but you are seeing them in their vulnerable state. Thomas Q. Jones talking about, you can talk to me, buying her cigars helping her celebrate!! That is not CuttyBuddy behavior.

So my next question would be ok you were JUST cuttybuddies but now you’re feeling some connection on a more deeper level, can you try to turn it into a relationship or do you nip it in the bud?


Can we please talk about this. Help a sistah out! 🙂

Wine Lessons

Did you know that wine tastes different in the different shaped glass as well as being served at different temperatures? Source.

So your wine is served in specific glasses. I love Olivia Pope’s wine glass and will need to get hers! She loves her red wine too!




Do you drink wine? What are your favorite brands and variety?

Alright let’s talk beautiful people!

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  • Melesha

    Although I dont drink, I do agree with you. I love sitting around with my girlfriends and shooting the breeze. I dont have contact with any high school friends or many now because of my saved lifestyle, but I think its very crucial to have that connection with others and talk about life, heartbreak and ones success. Maybe I too one day will have those connections because I love hosting, cooking and of course Talking.

    • Cicely

      Girl I know, I love having parties at the house and hosting! 🙂 The drinking is not necessary 🙂 Yes, I lost some friends as I increased in my relationship with Christ so I do know what you mean! Thank you for commenting!

      • Melesha

        Yes, you would think Christ would bring us closer, go figure. I am looking to one day host a women’s mimosas and appetizers event. Hopefully to meet like minded women like you and I. Why do you think its hard for women to remain or build lasting friendships?

        • Cicely

          That is such a deep question, why it is hard for women to remain or build lasting friendships… I feel like I have had this conversation before… I think we as women try to compete so much rather than support and that drives the wedge in between. My sis over at the Methodical Mom wrote a post talking about how women are competing on so many things. What do you think?

  • I drink wine a lot and should probably have the proper glasses, but as long as I can sip, i don’t really mind what style the glass is.

    I actually have a happily married friend who married his cutty buddy. I think it’s possible to turn the relationship into something official, but its not as common/successful.

    In regards to friendships, I have a sisterhood from HS. We all live in different states and one I talk to every couple months. The other several times a month. I think because our friendship had such a great foundation, we are able to maintain a good sisterhood despite time or distance. In my current state, I was reacquainted with an old friend. Back in the day, we just knew each other because she was best friends with the little sister of a friend of mine. Years later we realized we had a lot in common and she introduced me to a friend of hers and we all just clicked and look out for each other, go to dinner and encourage one another.

    I think your circle doesnt have to be big, just loyal friends who generally care about your well-being and want to see you successful and happy. They also don’t have to be local. So even though you are constantly leaving, you should try to keep in touch with those friends that you have made. Genuine friends can be hard to come by, so keep them close when you find them.

    • Cicely

      Yaya, I love it! I agree the circle can be small, quality over quantity. But moving forward I am going to push traveling because I do have a lot of long distant friends.

      As for the cuttybuddy I am glad it worked out and I am sure it is not that common but glad it works in some situations.

      My wine glass is the cheap ones from IKEA… I have not progressed yet to the fancy glasses! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Melesha

      @ Yaya, I so agree with the friend comment. You put it so well. I have some friends I love so much, but it seems we drifted apart and I am so forgotten. Maybe its because I am a last added friend, but we have 18 years under our belt.