VLOG: Starting Over is NOT So Bad…

VLOG: Starting Over is NOT So Bad…

Hey beautiful people,

So many people say that I am courageous and brave for relocating and starting over. I personally felt that it needed to happen in order for positive change to happen. I needed to let things go in order for new things to come into my life YOU CAN DO IT TOO… it doesn’t have to be drastic such as relocating across the country. It could be steps to getting that new career, or changing your everyday routine. CHANGE IS GOOD! 

3 Reasons for Starting Over:

  1. You are COMFORTABLE. Time to get uncomfortable with being comfortable. We get caught up in an endless cycle of SAMENESS… get up, shower, go to work, chit chat, come home, watch tv, go to bed and get up and do it all over again. Are you learning anything new? If something were to knock you off your routine, would you be able to handle it?
  2. You are STAGNANT. Maybe you are at a job where there is no room for growth, or maybe the people around you are holding you back and sucking the life out of you. Whatever that thing is, you are not moving forward, you are not progressing and that is not the way of life.
  3. The many POSSIBILITIES. Ever wonder what all you could do? Feel like there is more out there to life? WELL IT IS TRUE!!! There are so many things out there for you to conquer and surprise yourself at what you are capable of. Networking, Career Change, finding new activities you may enjoy.

I am definitely NOT saying to try to run away from you problems. You need to face those problems/challenges, reflect, take the lessons and grow from there.

I have lived in Dallas, TX for the past 10 months and life has been amazing- challenges and successes. To be honest, I really feel that my divorce was the best thing that happened for me. I was able to see what I could do, on my own with GOD of course!

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Peace and Blessings,

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