Top 5 Tips for Men Dating a Strong Black Woman

Top 5 Tips for Men Dating a Strong Black Woman

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Even though many men would like nothing better than to have a strong black woman at their side, most of them actually back out when they realize that the girl they’re aiming for is simply bigger than them on many levels.

It’s a fairly common thing, yet that doesn’t mean you have to be one of those men. With that in mind, here are five tips for men who want to date a strong black woman with success.

1. Consistency Is Key

First of all, if your goal is dating a strong black woman (S.B.W.) up to a point where she becomes your partner for good, you must make sure that you’re consistent with your words and actions at all times.

Women already have a negative attitude towards guys who do one thing when they’re around, but switch to a completely different face the moment they walk out the door. As you probably know already, news travels fast and it’s only a matter of time before the S.B.W. you’re dating is aware of your two-sidedness, so avoid practicing it.

2. Man Up

While the ladies like a man who’s not afraid to show some emotion or to share some deep things that trouble them, it’s a whole other story if their man is always whining about past girlfriends or anything else, basically.

A S.B.W. is – above all else – strong. She doesn’t need a weak man, especially if that same man isn’t able to handle his problems without crying about it, either literally or metaphorically. In that name: man up!

3. Don’t Use Money to Impress Her

There’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t have any real qualities, but who tries to make up for it with money or other material things. This especially applies to S.B.W.’s, because they won’t stand for it for a second.

Surely a strong black woman wants her man to be someone she can rely on in many ways, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be bought with money or gifts. They value character, patience, and self-belief above all else, so forget trying to buy your way to love.

4. Give Her Freedom

Seeing as S.B.W.’s are no push-arounds, you should definitely ensure that you’re giving your date enough space and alone time.

Always being around or constantly calling your lady’s phone always threatens to become overwhelming, and you can bet strong black women aren’t particularly good at ignoring that. If you don’t want to become boring and overbearing to her, lay off from time to time and give her some freedom.

5. Be Yourself

Like we mentioned in the “money doesn’t buy her” part, strong black chicks dig honesty over your golden watch or expensive can, so make sure you’re always truthful about yourself and your intentions.

It doesn’t matter if she’s your first girlfriend or if you’ve never been in an interracial romance before – tell your girl how you feel and share your opinions, but also don’t forget to stay true to her about your past and your intentions for the future.


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