13 Things that Happen When You Realize You are a Masterpiece

13 Things that Happen When You Realize You are a Masterpiece

Hey beautiful people and I don’t necessarily mean that in a physical sense but a holistic approach.

Last week, I missed the #BlackGirlsRock show but was able to catch videos that had my jaw floored. I was so amazed by all the amazing gifts and talents that were displayed to be celebrated and honored. This proved that we need more positive visions of what Black women are and can be. As people honored those in the past and the present I could see such a greater vision for black women doing extraordinary things. This goes so much further than just being famous for your gifts and talents but for the young girl in her local community doing extraordinary things for others. It goes to the young lady taking a stand at school for her beliefs and rights. It is for the older women that set the example of Black Girl Magic in church, in their families, and wherever their feet take them.

I personally made it a mission of mine to expose young girls to see that their world can be so wonderfully huge and that they can travel it; they did not need to be afraid to take those steps and be different. I would tell my girl scouts that people may laugh at you and shame you but if you do what your heart and mind are driving you to do you will have that inner peace and happiness that so many envy.

When I heard Jazmine Sullivan’s Masterpiece song, my heart opened and I realized that my presence is not only beautiful but is a testament of my faith and what I believe in. It also connected a message that I received through my Life Group session about setting boundaries and having a vision. I began to reflect on the words of the song, the messages from my Life Group and the public figures on my tv, I realized that I and others are a masterpiece that the world needs to see and be inspired by. Not only because we are beautiful but we have purpose.

Some of the lyrics to the song:

My eyes ain’t used to these rays
I’m feeling exposed, but I hide no more
I can’t hide
As the sun shines on all of my glory
My flaws don’t look so bad at all
What was I so afraid of?

Every part of me is a vision of a portrait
Of Mona, of Mona Lisa
Every part of me is beautiful
And I finally see I’m a work of art
A masterpiece

I thought to myself that I am indeed a masterpiece and have so much to offer this world. It may be in the form of this blog, my service at church, my role in my family but whatever it is I am setting an example. I kept thinking about it when you finally realize that you are this work of art, made in the image of God that some things really begin to happen and shift in your world and your mind.

13 Things that Happen When You Realize You are a Masterpiece

65787_line_indent_lgYour peace and sanity is priority
Who likes chaos? Who likes madness? Someone that doesn’t realize that they are a masterpiece. Your peace and sanity are key for progressing and performing. It is kind of hard to be amazing when you allow things over and over to throw you off your kilter. You are much more intentional with things, people, thoughts and habits when it comes to keeping your peace and maintaining your sanity.

You learn how to set boundaries and stick to them
The way you keep your peace and sanity is by realizing that there needs to be boundaries made and consequences set when those boundaries are broken. These are personal boundaries that you set for yourself, what you allow in and keep out. I learned that you cannot control others behavior but you can say if this happens, then I will have to remove myself or some thing so that it does not interfere with my plans and vision.

People get shifted in your life
Not everyone can occupy your time, there is a season for everyone and some people’s season is totally done and not coming back. There are layers to you that certain people can access. You realize that it is ok to have that boundary so that people do not suck you dry. You may just have to part ways with someone you have been feeling obligated to for a long time because you realize that it is dead weight.

You recognize things that should not take from your mission
You have learned how to say no. You have removed busyness from your life and added productivity toward those missional goals. Like maybe, shopping every weekend for the sake of shopping is hurting your pockets and taking your time. Maybe happy hours everyday with no goal or purpose in mind should be limited. There are many things that we should evaluate but many will constantly be on your mind and you know that they need to be removed.

You can see the masterpiece in others and can celebrate that

Your sight has been wiped off to see the gifts and talents and potential that others have and you love it. You can celebrate that without being jealous, envious or just plain mean. You are promoting them, sharing their progress and supporting them in their mission. You see that it is not competition but more so collaboration.

Your vision, you, it includes leaving a positive legacy
You have learned that you have to leave this space and time better than you found it so that others can continue building and honoring your legacy. You are leaving something that your children’s children can continue in, whether it is a business, a type of mentality, money, or talents/gifts, you have developed something that they can continue to grow in.

heartbeat-clipart-ECG-Line3Goals and priorities in life elevate
You no longer have simple dreams of whatever it may be because, you have reached a new level so does your goals and priorities. You cannot be queen with a poor woman’s mentality. These are not just hopes and dreams but you have a plan and you plan on sticking to it!

Doors open, windows rise and walls fall
Opportunities are chasing and running you down. You stand tall and proud knowing your worth and people see that in you; they want to be next to you! You may not be qualified but you sure do know you are more than capable and speak your truth and that is amazing.

You can let your guard down and still know how to protect you and your vision
You have reached a place in your life where you do not have to fear people in your life but you have learned how to protect your fortress. That is smart, you have learned who gets close to you, not everyone gets everything and others may not be able to get too close.

You enjoy living and living a life you love
Some days may be rough and others the best day ever yet, you enjoy it. You are glad to be alive. You do things that make you happy. You realize that tomorrow may not be promised and are thankful for this very moment.

You help others elevate
You speak life into others, you believe in them and you encourage them. You see their potential and you get excited about that and want them to pursue their goals and dreams. Because you are an ever evolving masterpiece you help them elevate through your life’s lessons, your resources and financially if needed. You know it is lonely at the top and even the middle so you collaborate so that you both can elevate.

You are thankful for your past and so excited about your future
Yes, you may have had a rough childhood or it might have been amazing it has definitely helped shape who you are today. It has fostered thoughts and habits, whether good or bad but you embrace it and build your future on it. You take the good and learn from the not so good, then you become better. You see your future and you are so excited!

You do not blame others for things in your life, you take full responsibility for your present choices and actions
You  have reached the age where you are responsible for your present actions. You can either choose right or wrong but either way you have decided to make that decision all on your own. Your past helped shape you and your present is what is going to shape your future.


Never perfect, always perfecting which means, there is always room for growth and evolution. This is your life’s journey and will speak volumes in every action that you take. As social media continues to evolve people can get closer and closer to you in your life so you can use your platform for good or evil. Just remember you are a masterpiece whether on social media or walking to the store, just own it and rock out your dopeness.

When did you first realize you were a masterpiece? What motivates you to rock your dopeness? Who are your favorite people that exude AMAZING when it comes to their Masterpiece?

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  • I love this! The awesome thing about recognizing we are masterpieces is, that we are no longer focused on ourselves. We realize we are all one, and connected, thus, it becomes our duty to encourage each other.