10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You

Dear young black girl, lady, woman,

10 Things I hate about you

Here are 10 Things I Hate About You:

  1. I hate that you have to endure treatments that tear you down and tear you apart. No man should ever lay a hand on you unless it is to caress you, hold you, hug you and kiss you. It saddens me to watch you grow up in a world that hates you, they despise you and they mock you. The world tears you down, throws you around and yet they want you to stand and take the beating.
  2. I hate that when you look in the mirror the only thing you see are the changes you want to make to your face, your hips, your skin, your lips. You see on tv the many alterations these women are doing their bodies, turning into monsters where you cannot even recognize them
  3. I hate that you don’t see how beautiful you are and you do things to get attention that you think you want but it is far less than what you deserve. You were created in the image of God… you my queen are a goddess.
  4. I hate that when you grow up and you are working hard to get that education, wanting a great job, wanting a great life that people not on your level try to tear you down and make you seem like you are becoming a sellout. Some may tell you that you will not make it… but I say keep pressing on.
  5. I hate that a lot of guys approach you in the most disgusting way and it makes you think “what am I doing wrong?” They get angry when you do not heed their call yet, you know your worth and will take nothing less than.
  6. I hate that women are jealous of you and take it out on you by hating, by doing you wrong. I wish we knew how to celebrate you in a way that is uplifting for you and the those who are watching.
  7. I hate that when I talk to you, you have given up hope for life, for love, for peace, for anything that could make your world better. I hate that you don’t see any further past today. You have no plans, no goals no future, your world is only today.
  8. I hate that when you look on tv, on the internet and in the news, your role models have no brains, no talent, no substance. You think reality tv is real and it is ok to be a sidechick, fight with other women, and be a bad bitch.
  9. I hate that these dudes use you and abuse you and you think you have to rescue them. You think, they just need some saving and you give them your all but they suck you dry. Then you are stuck feeling some kind of way all alone where they take off for the next female.
  10. I hate that this is reality and this has to be written. I am sorry.


By CicelyRenee

Stay tuned for 10 Things I love about you!

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