Dear Millennials: 10 Car Maintenance Hacks

Dear Millennials: 10 Car Maintenance Hacks

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10 Car Maintenance Hacks for Millennials

So, I am on my third car and still know very little about cars. I know that I need to get my oil changed! But other things I am like here, fix it! Some of my biggest concern is that I may get taken advantage of when going to the mechanic, go in there to get my oil changed and then they say 400 things that should be done coming to a bill of $10,000. I am like if it isn’t making a sound, shaking, or doing some other thing, then I just want the maintenance done. 

I got together with one of the most amazing people I know who happens to be an awesome mechanic and asked him, “What are some things that millennials need to know about maintaining a car?” I went on to ask, “What the basic things that must happen for safety and to run properly?” So if you are in the market for a new car, visit and use the tips below to keep that pretty ride rolling! So here are 10 car maintainance hacks for millennials and people who don’t know. 

Note: All of these things should happen during every oil change. 

  • Change your oil regularly– Did you know that if you don’t change your oil, it causes sludge/carbon build up which can affect your mpg and you know gas prices fluctuate. In extreme cases, can/will cause engine failure. (Oil changes should happen every 3,000-5,000 miles) 
  • Test your battery once a year – If you don’t it can lead to starting failure in cold or hot temperatures. Leaving in a bad battery for too long can lead to problems with your starter and alternator. 
  • Check your air filters regularly/every oil change – Dirty/bad engine air filters can lead to low gas mileage. Dirty/bad cabin air filters will lead to poor air quality inside the car. ** Cabin filters are usually located behind the glove box. 
  • Wiper Blades – Bad wiper blades can lead to poor visibility in poor weather conditions. Car Maintenance Hacks
  • Check your lights “At least once a month” You check your lights by having someone observe your lights as you cycle through the basic light functions i.e. blinkers, high beams, brakes, and reverse.
  • Check tires and rotate every oil change – This will prevent abnormal wear and prolong the life of your tires.Car Maintenance Hacks
  • You should have your breaks checked every oil change by a professional. Otherwise, when you break, your steering wheel will turn to the left or right, like my car!                            ***If you don’t have AAA and you need car maintenance hacks***
  • Check to see if you have a spare tire and if you don’t go and get you one. They are usually located inside the trunk, under the trunk, or under the cent of the car. If in case of a flat, pull over immediately, IF YOU WANT TO POSSIBLY SAVE TIRE, DO NOT DRIVE whilst flat.
  • Three things you need to change a spare tire: Spare Tire, Jack, & Fourway/Tire Iron. Reminder, to remove lug nuts, rotate in a counterclockwise motion and to tighten, clockwise. Righty tighty lefty loosy.
  • Lift points to change your spare tire– Make sure you know them because you will put a hole in it or it will not stay up and that car will crush you!

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These are great tips for financial freedom/budgeting.

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