Write it down and make it happen!

Sounds impossible right? WRONG! Well, some of the things you want maybe out of reach at that moment but it doesn’t hurt to dream big right? Have you heard about putting things out in the atmosphere and it coming back to you? Have you heard about what you speak you will have? Have you heard that life and death are in the power of the tongue? What about writing the vision and making it plain?

I do not believe these concepts or ideas are out there just to sound pretty. They are real especially if you have faith and hope.

I left my marriage the middle of December and moved into my new place all by myself in January. It was quiet and nerve-wracking but I enjoyed the peace and the opportunity to begin a new phase in my life. While many people were writing down resolutions I was writing down dreams that I wanted to become reality. Resolutions are not bad but many do not put an action plan to these ideas or write them down.

With the write it down make it happen method, you are creating a plan but you are also, looking at them often, keeping them in your head, visualizing it. The idea is to write down even the most extreme things you would like to happen. If you want more information, be sure to grab the book, Write It Down Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser.

In January, I wrote about 15 things I wanted to happen for 2015, here are few:

  • I want 100,000 subscribers on Youtube
  • Travel at least 3 times this year
  • Attend 5 events not related to church
  • Sing a solo

And there were more but we do not need to list them all here.

I have realized that a lot of these goals that I had written down happened. In September, I would have traveled 4 times so far and still have 3 more months to go.

I have attended many events that were not church related and had the best time ever.

I have yet to reach 100,000 subscribers on my youtube channel but I do have 57 and I just had the channel for a little over a month. Want to subscribe? It isn’t much yet but it will be. Here is my channel.

if-you-write-it-down-you-can-make-it-happenThe idea is that when you write things down that you want to achieve and when you speak it into the atmosphere, your world begins to shift. Your perspective, the way you handle money, the people you allow in your life- everything begins to shift to align properly to what you want.

Thing is to not be afraid of you dreams no matter how big or small. Do not let anyone deter you from your dreams and do not let anyone speak ill of your dreams. In fact, don’t tell many people your dreams- most are jealous that you dream so big and can send negative vibes your way. We don’t need or want that negativity.



As I cross some of my goals off as completed, I am just going to make them bigger. I believe in God so I know nothing is too big for my God to accomplish in my life. I believe that when you want something so bad, you make it happen either good or bad so you might want to evaluate your dreams and desires.

Here is how you can begin:

  • Get some paper and a pen
  • Grab something to drink while you are at it3f401ec9f0649fa6845596e8d7f2ec26
  • Start fantasizing about you in different settings and times- where do you see yourself?
  • Think of dream jobs- GO CRAZY with it
  • Think about people who inspire you, what do they do or what are they doing in their lives?
  • If money, talent and time were no object what would you love to do?
  • Do not stop,
  • Keep going
  • Once you are done- tape them where you are for some time everyday. Mine was in the bathroom taped to the mirror
  • Now read it everyday
  • Visualize yourself
  • When they begin happening CELEBRATE!

Cheers to all your hopes and dreams coming true!

Have you tried this method/concept? Has it worked for you? What are your thoughts?

Looking forward to starting a discussion…


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  • I’m so glad you wrote this! I do this a lot, but never had a particular order. Hanging it up is genius!

    • Cicely

      I am so glad this was good for you! You have to see it ALL THE TIME!!!

  • shayla

    Yes to all of this. I was just thinking about writing a to do list for the remainder of the year.

    • Cicely

      Yea!!!! I will be creating my Write it Down make it happen closer to the end of the month!!! 🙂