Top 5 Interracial Dating Tips – Guest Post

Top 5 Interracial Dating Tips – Guest Post

Guest Post

Despite the fact that online dating generally is much better than traditional dating, it’s still not something you can do with your eyes closed. There’s etiquette and a little bit of know-how involved, especially if you’re into dating out of your social group.

That’s why today we wanted to look into racially mixed dating, or – to be more specific – a few tips on how to make your interracial date special.

Think Outside the Box

Let’s face it – searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right is never an easy task. Although the society has embraced interracial couples to a degree nowadays, your friends/family/social circle can still see your relationship with someone of a different race as an issue.

The best way to deal with this is to be as open-minded as you possibly can. Ignore others’ prejudices and focus on what’s important to you. Being afraid of what the people in your surroundings will say will just put unnecessary pressure on you, so make sure you can deal with all this before you venture into interracial dating.

Figure Out What You Want

Apart from dealing with the potential social stigma, you’ll also need to figure out what partner you want – or in other words, which race do you want your partner to be.

There’s nothing racist about this, so don’t feel ashamed if you find African-Americans more attractive than Asian people, or the other way around. We all have different preferences and “types,” so make sure you establish yours as it will help you in your search a lot.

Register at the Best Dating Site

You could start looking for a partner the old way by spending a lot of time (and potentially money) in bars, pubs and parties, or you could opt out for a much more efficient method of finding love – online dating.

But don’t just go to the first dating site you come across! Instead, do some thorough research and make sure you find the best possible interracial dating site according to your needs. Also, keep in mind that paid websites provide a much better service than free ones.

Avoid Stereotypes

Whether you’re contacting someone you would be interested in for the first time or you’re already on your fourth date with your partner-to-be, make sure that you steer clear of any and all stereotypical comments.

Why is this important? Well, for starters, we’re pretty sure that nobody likes to hear jokes on account of their race. Secondly, if you have negative opinions about a certain race, then perhaps interracial dating is not for you after all.

Be Yourself

What you’re about to read next can be applied to any sort of dating, be it interracial or otherwise: just be yourself.

One could easily say that this is by far the single, most important rule of online dating. From creating your profile to chatting someone up, it’s of crucial importance that you are 100% about yourself, your intentions and your preferences. If you fail to do this, you’ll just end up misleading someone instead of spending time trying to impress the person who could be the love of your life.


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