#TBT: Black Classic Women-Joyce Bryant

#TBT: Black Classic Women-Joyce Bryant

#TBT: Black Classic Women- Joyce Bryant


The Hashtag TBT also known as Throwback Thursday is a fun one, where people are posting photos of them when they were babies or high school photos that make you wonder WHAT WAS I WEARING.

I enjoy going down memory lane just as much as the next person. Reminiscing on a different time, different places and a different you sends us spiraling and reflecting on life.

Well Joyce-Bryant-headshotbecause I am the Bougie Black Blogger, I want to do my #TBT on some beautiful bougie black babes!

Meet Joyce Bryant! I did not know about her until just recently! Nicknamed Belter Bryant for her amazing vocal skills. Fought in many ways for racial equality. Disappeared for a minute but then came back as a classical vocalist and performed in operas.

To read more or hear her beautiful voice visit Joyce Bryant: The Lost Diva

Classic Black Actress

Classic Black Actress

Cheers to you, you beautiful classic lady!

Happy #TBTJoyce Bryant



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