Surviving On A Teachers Salary, How We Do It!

Surviving On A Teachers Salary, How We Do It!

Surviving on a Teachers Salary
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Hey beautiful people!

I have entered my second year of teaching and at first, I thought it was going to be decent pay, but let me tell you, struggling for real! Some days I think to myself, I can’t even afford to work here! Other days, I say to myself, I feel like I am paying to teach! Think about it, the schooling, paying for certifications, buying classroom supplies and your supplies to be an effective teacher.

See, I relocated 2 years ago, December, and changed my career to become a teacher. I already had my bachelor’s and master’s but none in teaching so I had to take the alternative route. There are many programs depending on your city/state. There are programs like Teach for America which rejected me TWICE (*&^#&(98), Urban Teachers, Teaching Fellows and more. Many of the programs give you a living stipend and pay for your master’s degree, so teaching and earning a degree which is a lot!

I did an alternative program where I paid a deposit, had about 20 online classes to take, get contact hours, once I PAID to take my certification you could get an internship year. During that internship year, you teach with a full salary, have internship projects, professional development and more. I paid for the program, they took $400 out of my check for 10 months, and I still had to pay for another test to get fully certified. So total in 1 year I paid about $4,500! UUGHHH

Ok so now I am a teacher, paying rather large bills, driving about 45-50 miles roundtrip a day, children ask for our food and of course, we give them some because they hate the school lunch.

Teachers Salary

Ok, so how do we survive on our teacher’s salary? I am in a lot of teacher groups on Facebook, and someone asked the question and because I was so moved by it I had to share their thoughts! Below out of almost 600 responses, here were the most repeated top 7.

Surviving A Teachers Salary + my two cents

  1. GET MARRIED- Ok, many people talked about having a spouse as their way to survive a teacher’s budget. Kinda pissed me off though, because one, dating effing sucks! Two, have you tried dating in 2016/2017? I really felt that was very unhelpful.
  2. Get roommates – Ok, that is cool and all and most younger teachers do it! Me, I like my peace, I don’t like people in my space and I like walking around the WHOLE house naked… Next…
  3. Get a side hustle – Ok yes… something I love to do! BUT REMEMBER, it takes money to make money. I already told you I am struggling and you want me to start a business 🙂 My business is below, by the way, help a sistah out!
  4. Move to a blue state– Supposedly, they make more I don’t know! BUT I do know there are many different districts and states that pay amazingly well but also have a high cost of living.
  5. Budget– This is something I REALLY need to work on! No complaints, I am just not taking care of business!
  6. Get a second gig – I don’t know about you but I work like 50-55 hours a week at work and many nights and weekend I do more work, so having a second job is hard! I usually am mentally and emotionally exhausted and don’t want to do anything else!
  7. Scale Back– Yes, I can see that! Not going out for every meal, cutting the cable, being efficient with electricity, maybe off-brands for awhile!

Teaching is such a rewarding career and I absolutely love it! Every day I am reminded of why I am here and not only do they need me but I need them as well.

Although my students say they would never be a teacher, I remain proud and honored to be in this role!

So as you can see, surviving a teacher’s salary can be done, it just takes the work and being intentional and aware of those finances!

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Teachers Salary

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Teachers Salary


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CNBC Stated the Top 5 Lowest and the Highest Paying States

The five lowest-paying states for teachers salary:

1. Oklahoma

Annual mean wage: $42,460

2. Mississippi

Annual mean wage: $43,950

3. South Dakota

Annual mean wage: $44,210

4. North Carolina

Annual mean wage: $45,220

5. West Virginia

Annual mean wage: $45,240


Highest Paid Teachers Salary

1. Alaska

Annual mean wage: $82,020

2. New York

Annual mean wage: $81,410

3. Connecticut

Annual mean wage: $76,260

4. New Jersey

Annual mean wage: $75,250

5. California

Annual mean wage: $74,940


Do you have other ways to survive on a teacher’s salary? Are you or have you been a teacher? What are some of your experiences?

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