Single’s Christmas List- What You Need To Get Your Single Friends…

Single’s Christmas List- What You Need To Get Your Single Friends…

Hey beautiful people!!!

The holidays are coming quickly! So many parties, gift exchanges, and emotions in such a short time. Some people have a hard time during this season for many reasons, one they may be baeless, another is they probably can’t stand being around family, or they are away from them, whatever the reasons are, I think we should find ways to not be sad…. or be sad, whatever. I am going to enjoy this Christmas!

This will be my second Christmas in Dallas, TX. This time last year, I was packing and relocating, 5 days before Christmas. Some were like why not after, and I was like I am ready to go. So here I am, away from the family who is closest to me, single and living alone and somehow I am so excited. I bought a Christmas tree and have been blasting Christmas tunes on my HP Roar Mini since before Thanksgiving.

I put out there that I was accepting a Christmas Bae, they had to hang out with me from Dec. 5- Jan. 1. They have to do a gift exchange with me, celebrate New Year’s Eve and give me a kiss at midnight. I got a “Girl you are so crazy” response so I will be baeless again this year. But do not fret, this girl will be good.

I was thinking about gifts though, wondering who will be sending me something so I thought I would come up with a Christmas Gift List for myself… but I also asked my single friends what they wanted for Christmas. Although some a little extreme, others were pretty reasonable.

5 Things I am Loving Right Now

  • HP Sprocket- This is the cutest, coolest little gadget. I went home for Thanksgiving and my HP Sprocket was the center of attention. People kept sending me pictures to print to this little device. I would take a photo with a friend and print it for them to have right then and there.


  • Amazon Firestick– I got this as a gift and it is so easy to use. I love that I can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, CW and so many more channels. I NEVER watch regular tv anymore. 51760055
  • HP Mini Roar Bluetooth Speaker– I am always listening to music all the time. I have to listen in the morning as I get ready for work and it just has to be playing in the background. This gets pretty loud, I can hear it outside my apartment. 15423704_654191724008_1276575798_n
  • Black Men With Beards Calendar– Sooooo my friend posted this on my facebook post, and please believe that I will be getting this. One of my top weaknesses is a black man with a beard. img_4042
  • Juice+ – So I have been trying to get back into healthy eating and I struggle a lot. I realized that I need to always make my meals or I will eat terribly. But sometimes I just don’t have time. I came across Juice + and this capsule is full of your vegetables, and that is something I struggle with the most, eating veggies. Juice + has a protein powder and more. You will be hearing me talk about it more. image


  • Wine Monthly Subscription Box– I am a wine lover and sometimes I have no idea what to get when I go to the store. I love Winc because they give you a test and they suggest wines based on your answers. memberbenefits-hero-desktop


So I asked my single friends what they wanted for Christmas and here are the top and most funny answers:


  1. A Man
  2. A Woman
  3. My Christmas list
    Goes a lil something like this…I want 12 hundred dollars
    11 Pairs of shoes
    10 Finger nails
    9 Packs of weave
    8 Male strippers
    7 Bus passes
    6 Diamond rings
    5 Months free rent
    4 Bangles
    3 Pocketbooks
    2 Earrings
  4. Well….I’d like a plane ticket and a couple million dollars.
    However, this year all I want is to add to my scarf and earring collection, Herbal teas, Starbucks gift cards and anything that says “relaxation”
  5. A solo vacation/Me Time
  6. Perfume
  7. A Sponsor
  8. A special date with my special someone, but since I don’t have that yet I will enjoy anything someone gets me. I really have nothing specific other than that

Money and Love was a recurring answer, so if you cannot find love for your single friend, you will be safe with a cash gift!!! Remember I am your friend, so either one of those works!


What is on your Christmas List?

My Girl Ginger over at the Ginger Marie Blog has an awesome Gift Guide!


Peace and Blessings,

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