Is Being Relevant Even Worth It? Being Mary Jane, Mariah Carey etc

Is Being Relevant Even Worth It? Being Mary Jane, Mariah Carey etc

Hey, beautiful people!

The past two months have been a struggle for me when it came to blogging! As much as I wanted to post blogs about what I love, I was like is it even relevant, are people even going to want to read it?

I recently binged season 4 of Being Mary Jane, and a common theme was being relevant to stay on top. Ronda Sales, Mary Jane’s Idol, literally was fighting to stay relevant as she seemingly aged out. She did some pretty petty things to MJ and others as she stabbed people in the back, she is a smart woman, and like some of the cast said, “You don’t cross Ronda”! And MJ just as conniving, did things for her to be relevant not only on tv but to her relationships with co workers, family, and friends. My question is, IS IT WORTH IT?

Just this past week, I saw a video of  Mariah Carey dancing, and I felt sorry for her. I know she is trying to stay in the game because that is pretty much all she knows, singing and performing. But is it worth all the negative publicity? I guess any publicity = good publicity because she continues to go viral over mediocre and struggling performances.



When does being relevant become irrelevant? As much as I would like to get viral posts, and for everyone to know the Bougie Black Blogger, is it worth sacrificing what I love to suit the world’s desires?

Think about it, many posts to the most viral ones have “Click Bait” titles so that you can click on it and get to their website where the post is 50 words long and really has nothing to do with the title.

Unfortunately, some people do not know how to be effectively relevant, I think millennials are the best at this! Millennials embrace change EASILY, they are flexible, they are forever going to school or learning something new. They surround themselves with people of influence or people doing great things.

But some go too far trying to stay relevant which to me isn’t worth it! I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle, there are some though, for example, beauty and fashion bloggers and YouTubers, or comedians and actors that do anything to go viral or get a reaction. Again, is it really worth it?

I think about Apple and the many variations or few variations they use for the new phones, “Oh now I can breathe on it and Facebook will open”. Technology is the main culprit of staying relevant… too much of it can be harmful.

Three takeaways

  1. Stay true to you- forget trying to please everyone! You matter and those that love you will stay true to you! Although Mariah is trying to stay relevant to the younger generation, she will always have those super fans that will always back her up, and maybe she should focus on them more.
  2. Be open to change and going with the flow- Sometimes we can be some narrow-visioned people and that will quickly make you irrelevant.
  3. Tap into new markets- Sometimes you outgrow certain groups and that is ok, you ever been in a job where you just can’t expand anymore? Do you stay there or do you go somewhere else where your skills and talents are needed but there is room for personal growth as well?

This article wrote “Innovate intelligently (but don’t neglect the basics)” one of their tips on being a 300-year-old business and staying relevant. So when trying to stay relevant make sure you are staying close to the brand (YOU) and be sure to do your research on what you are trying to do.

Well, what do you think? Is being relevant irrelevant these days? What are some things you have seen people do to stay relevant in any situation?

Thanks for reading!

Peace and Blessings,

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