Reclaiming My Time, but From Whom? YOU?!!

Reclaiming My Time, but From Whom? YOU?!!

“I’m reclaiming my time” Come through Auntie Maxine!

Wouldn’t life be amazing if this were possible in real life!?!?!?!

Auntie Maxine is everything right, that strong powerful black woman backing down from NO ONE, speaks her mind and will come for you if you come for her. She is that one person that literally sparked change in our lives growing up, that one teacher that really made you reflect on life and you as a person. Recently, the phrase that is now pretty much everyone’s phrase, “I’m Reclaiming My Time” is an eye-opener. Makes us think of all the people we want to reclaim our time from. It is used in the  Floor Procedure In The U.S. House Of Representatives.

If a Member would like to ask a question of another Member who is speaking or make a comment, he or she should address the Chair and say: “Mr. Chairman (or Madam Chairman), will the gentleman from California yield to me?” If the gentleman wishes to yield, he may do so at his discretion and must remain standing while the other Member speaks. The gentleman who has yielded may at any time “reclaim” his time and then the other Member must stop speaking and allow him to continue. A Member to whom time has been yielded cannot yield time to another Member unless he or she is the Member controlling his or her side’s debate time. – Floor Procedure

A little government lesson never hurt anybody.

I think it is cool to be able to reclaim your time, but unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way! There were so many memes and conversations about people reclaiming their time and it is hilarious.


I noticed that most of the meme’s revolved around relationships and I thought… what about me, what are the things that are wasting my time that I am allowing. I realized I was the perpetrator to myself. The businesses that I want or started but didn’t finish. The healthy me that I pledged to be but some how, some reason, I let myself over-indulge in amazing treats. It is so easy to look at someone and see all of your time they wasted, but you cannot control anyone but yourself.

So yea, allowing a wo/man too much time in your space is hard, but who is the real time-thieve?

14 Moments When Reclaiming Your Time is for Yourself

  1. That moment/s when you planned to go back to school… but um… you didn’t and now you are like, I should have gone! DO IT NOW…
  2. That moment/s when you kept waiting for someone, maybe a romantic interest, friend, or whatever to live life! And you still are waiting… Get up, get your ish, and live your damn life
  3. That moment/s when you kept your mouth closed but really wanted to scream, speak your mind, ask questions, clarify or just cuss someone out and of course, nothing really got resolved…  your questions still unanswered…
  4. That moment/s when you kept planning to invest, save or start a business, but you are like… I don’t have the time or the money or the skills… FYI- You have what you need, just have to tap into that creative zone.
  5. That moment/s when you knew you should have gone to the doctor, but you tried to wait it out, and now things aren’t in the best situation…
  6. That moment/s when you spent way too much time at work or church and you missed out on the most important things in the world, your family.
  7. That moment/s when you let people and thoughts take up too much of your mind and heart
  8. That moment/s when you didn’t apply for that dream career because you didn’t think you had the desired skills and qualifications
  9. That moment/s when you just couldn’t forgive someone and now you continue to hold in hurt
  10. That moment/s when you didn’t ask them out… or kiss them… or tell them you loved them
  11. That moment/s when you didn’t go visit your loved one before they died
  12. That moment/s when you keep saying I will work out tomorrow or eat healthier next week
  13. That moment/s when you chose practical over passion
  14. That moment/s when you hid your truth

Yes, I know, kind of heavy, but why not… why not think about all the things that we said we were going to do but never did or things we are most passionate about but choose to be safe.

Being safe is not an option when you want to do more, say more and be more.

Knowing that we can’t get our time back will either trap us or free us and what is cool is that you get to choose.

You can choose to sit around and sulk like I did today briefly, or fuel that fire in you and live in the moment.

No more blaming others for what you cannot control, the only person you can control is you. You can control your reactions!

So as I finish out this post, I will be more intentional with my time and cherish it as sacred, if I feel that my time is being wasted by myself or others, I will definitely reclaim my time, know that I can’t get it back and move on with my life.

Today is the day I can do more, say more and be more! 

And with that, have a wonderful day and live your best life!


Peace and Blessings,

** P.S. Most of this was a just a letter to myself! If it encourages you then that is icing on the cake!

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