Monday Motivation: 15 Favorite Feelings Challenge

Monday Motivation: 15 Favorite Feelings Challenge

Greetings Beautiful People,

One thing that makes me happy is the little things. So many people emphasize on grandiose ideas, events and things. If a man wanted to rock my world, he doesn’t have to buy me clothes or jewelry, a simple note expressing how he feels is a great way or cooking my favorite breakfast. It is the simple things that makes life worth living. One thing I believe we lose sight on is how our feelings can be so amazing and we do not reflect on it.

My blogger friend Mika Joi over at Pynk Latte posted this video on her page and it immediately made me feel all warm inside and I had to think what are my favorite feelings!

So before you watch the video I dare you to take this challenge of coming up with your 15 favorite feelings and sharing them in some way, be as creative as you want. Tweet them, instagram them, videotape them, scope about them and tag #Scopology, blog them. I want you to tag me in it letting me know that I need to check out your results. Can you do that for me? If you agree, tweet your promise below.

Ok now for this amazing video:


CicelyRenee’s 15 Favorite Feelings Challenge:

  1. Saturday Mornings
  2. That first sip or few of coffee
  3. Mommy’s phone call every morning at 7:38 am
  4. Record breaking views on the blog
  5. That moment when all of sudden I get happy for no reason
  6. Baby’s laughter
  7. That moment when I fell in love with myself all over again
  8. That new song that just speaks to your soul- no words needed either and it stays on repeat
  9. Being around happy people
  10. That moment when you realized you survived and there is so much more ahead
  11. Taking off on the plane to go anywhere but here
  12. The moment when he rolls over still sleep grabs me and pulls me tight
  13. Brunch on the patio with unlimited mimosas and great conversation and laughter
  14. Creating and writing from within visualizing my thoughts
  15. Family family family

So those are just a FEW… I always try to enjoy the simple pleasures that make me FEEL to my core. What are your favorite feelings. So are you going to take this challenge? If so, I am going to challenge you to tag 10 friends to take the challenge. Let’s spread this joy!

Eryn Allen Kane Piano Song has been on repeat since last Wednesday, tell me if you like it.

How creative can you get with this challenge? I may do a video later! Comment below, “I accept the challenge”

Well thank you for reading, be sure to share and subscribe!

Peace and Blessings,



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  • I accept this challenge, Cicely! Perfect Periscope topic, coming up!

  • I LOVE this! 🙂

    • Cicely

      <3 <3 Isn't it great! I am such an emotional person lol..

  • Love this challenge. I will definitely be participating

    • Cicely

      Too exciting! Thank you!

  • Definitely doing this! 🙂

    Ade || She Be Knowin

    • Cicely

      Awesome! I cannot wait! Be sure to tag me so I can see it!