Monday Motivation: 10 Things I Love Dancing in my 30’s

Monday Motivation: 10 Things I Love Dancing in my 30’s

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Hey Beautiful People,

My birthday is coming up and I am always reminded that we do not get younger, age-wise that is. I will still be in my early 30’s and very excited about it. Sometimes I am like when did I turn this age? I also do not feel like I am in my 30’s either. I have so much energy and full of life.

As I reflect on life, as I do every year before my birthday and the New Year, I realized some things that have changed about me that I absolutely love.

10 Things I love Dancing In My 30’s

I love that I am still immature– I sometimes subtweet or facebook stalk, WHATEVER. You can find me dancing and swirling in the stores as I shop. I am super silly and such a dork and I love it. I was talking to my mother the other day and I was like, I really get it from my mama! She is in her mid fifties and STILL so silly. And my grandpa as well… Sick and just released from the hospital, he played a joke on my aunt and I, scared the crap out of us and I look and he is leaning over cracking up.

I love that I have cellulite– I was looking and admiring my naked self in the mirror one day and turned to look at my derrière, my rump shaker, badunkadonk, whatever and I saw these dimples. I was like whhattt I have cellulite and I laughed. I was like hey girl hey. I love it. I really do. I appreciate the changes my body goes through with time. I walk around the house and love my womanly body, you know the shape, the thighs, definition in the face…

I love that I cry and am super emotional– So, I didn’t really cry until a few years ago. But now I get so touched and realized that I am an EMPATH. But when the kids are saying their Easter Speeches and none of them are mine but I am still crying… I am like that girl is silly. I have been loving the fact that NOW, I am happy for people who are getting pregnant and having babies.

I love that I have no kids YET– YEP! I said it. I put so much pressure on me and time when it came to having children. Of course I want some but I really am enjoying life without them. I think about my friends and them having to find babysitters, or wiping snot and boo boo and I am like yep, not yet.

I love that I still take risks– You know when you are younger and you have no sense of fear, and as you get older reality sets in, you are concerned about your career and life path? When people stop living becuase they need to feel secure, I am so glad that I still have that courage inside of me to take risks, calculated or not. I am so uncomfortable with being comfortable that I have to shake things up a bit.

I love that have been speaking my truth more– Growing up, I got in trouble a lot for talking. Eventually, I stopped talking. Not literally. Then, as I started speaking up again, everything I said was wrong or taken out of context, so I made my words sweet to the ear and struggling deep inside as I allowed my truth to be hidden. But the past year, I have been speaking up even with fear of hurting others feelings. THE HARDEST thing to do for me. But it is still a work in progress.

I love that I am not doing what the world thinks I need to be doing by your 30’s– So many lists and so many rules. At this time, I still haven’t settled into my career, I have a lame savings account, I still party on occasion on a week night, I do whatever I want within reason of course. No house, no children, divorced, and I love that I am not living in little boxes made of ticky tacky, on the hillside where it all just looks the same!10 Things I love

I love that I have learned how to let go and not be afraid to do so– I have many posts talking about my peace and sanity being priority, and I am glad I am sticking to it. Why stay in something that is draining the life out of you? People will be disappointed, but ultimately, I have myself to live with until I die and I need to love every bit of it.

I love that I have no idea what I am doing- You know those people that have a plan for EVERYTHING every minute of their life? Yea, that is not me. I talk to the students that I coach on careers and let them know that it is ok not to know what you want to be when you grow up, and I go on to say, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I take life one day at a time and just make sure that I am better than I was yesterday. I hope to settle into a career sooner than later but right now I am in that exploration phase and I am cool with it.

I love that I am still very sensitive– I feel like sensitive people love the hardest and care so much more deeply!

So as you age gracefully, be sure to LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE… a bit more each day!

As you get older, what are some things that you have grown to love about yourself as your life and body changes? What is some advice you would give to your younger self?

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