For Lovers: Last Minute Gift Ideas That’s Not Gonna Cost You A Thing

For Lovers: Last Minute Gift Ideas That’s Not Gonna Cost You A Thing

Hey beautiful people!

Isn’t that puppy just the sweetest? I saw it and had to share… Back to the blog post…

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if this post circulates for years, maybe you are looking for a gift idea for any occasion! Maybe it is their birthday, here is how you can make it sweet.

You need gift ideas right? That are inexpensive or next to free right? Awesome, I love FREE!

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? Well if not check it out here, it helps you understand how you love and how to give love to someone based on theirs. If you are single like me, here is the 5 Love Languages for SINGLES!!! For Singles

Well if you read, there is this one particular love language which is my number one, and that is Quality Time. Quality time is just that, time spent with the one you love that is uninterrupted and not hurried. You two are connecting deeply maybe over coffee or that pillow talk time. So hint hint to my future love!

There are four other languages, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts. Want to know how your love receives love the best? Go and take this TEST to find out.

I am sure you are like, GET TO THE GIFTS, or maybe you just bypassed the intro! Well let’s get to it. I will give you gift ideas for each love language, even for the love language that receives gifts.

Last Minute Gift Ideas That’s Not Gonna Cost You A Thing

Maybe a little but you get my point!

5 Love languages

Quality Time– Quality over quantity, your time even if 15 minutes could feel like a decade!

  • Plan a game night- In each room, have a different game preferably one they love that you ALREADY HAVE. Each room you may have something romantic, like a mural you made of your pictures together.
  • Play Master Chef- The two of you are competing and encouraging at the same time. Here are the rules Pick 10 food items that are in your home. Then, battle it out to see who’s meal comes out the best. Or make a meal together.
  • Memory Lane- Each person take a pen and paper privately and write down the first 5 favorite memories. Then take turns to share the memories, how they made you felt and why it is your favorite. If out are creative, make it pretty or act it out.
  • Take a stroll- Maybe around the neighborhood or the mall. Just window shop if you are going to the mall. If you go to Ikea, pretend to live a certain life in each showroom. Have fun with it.
  • Youtubeorke- I tried to make up a name, but get your favorite songs and have turns battling it out preforming karaoke style. Or just have a dance party and make up a routine. Maybe record it and put it online, you may get viral! Who knows!

Words of Affirmation– This lover is all about what you say, so make sure you mean it. He or she maybe into poems, songs and stories

  • Post Your Love- When someone professes their love it is so romantic. Grab some post it notes and write how you feel about them or words that they embody. If you are about that social media life, post something loving on their FB, IG or whatever media they use.
  • Create a love box- Get a box, or a canister and have a stack of little sheets of paper. Begin writing love notes folding them and put it in there. Present it to them!
  • Make a book- If you keep cards or letters that you have written to your love, gather them and do this fun DIY project that is similar to this.
  • Create a CD- Dedicate each song to a memory you all have had. Make sure the songs speak love and not crazy talk.

Acts of Service– They love it when you can make life a little easier by helping out!

  • Breakfast in Bed- Yes a classic, but still so romantic. Make their favorite meal or create something new.
  • Clean their car- You keep complaining about it, surprise them as they take off to work in a clean car. Put a note in there and a sweet treat!
  • Pamper them- They are your King or Queen right? Well, go above and beyond your normal routine, tell them you want to take care of them. Wash their feet or bathe them.

Physical Touch– This person loves how you touch them in many ways- sensual, protective or encouraging but however the touch, they love it.

  • Wash their hair- in a beautiful way! If they are bald, massage that beautiful dome of theirs. They have weave? Oh, help them take it out! They want you to help two strand twist it? Go ahead it is fun!
  • Give them a pedicure- I CANNOT STAND FEET but if I must, I will because why? I LOVE THEM!
  • Slow dance- Take the time to turn on some soft music, take your partners hand and just dance!

Receiving Gifts– This person, loves to receive gifts and not just anything, heartfelt gifts that will create happy memories

  • DIY Something- Look online for something that screams your partners name. Here are some ideas for men. Men are you crafty? Design a card or a jewelry organizer out of old wood.
  • PhotoBomb- Find some of your favorite pictures and print them out because I know they are probably all on Facebook. Create a crafty album with love notes.
  • Personalize something of theirs- Maybe you know how to embroider, or maybe you know how to paint whatever your medium, find something they won’t get mad at and personalize it. Brit.Co has some cute ideas.

Whatever gift you give, make sure it speaks volumes on your love for them. And your gift could cost $5 or $5000, but just remember you cannot buy love and if you are it’s not really love.

What are some ideas that are inexpensive or free that would be awesome to give to your love? What has been your favorite gift that you have received? 

Thanks for reading, please comment and share!

Peace and love,

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