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Monthly Journaling Subscription Box
Monthly Subscription Box
Are you a journaling lover, a doodle lover or do you want to be? Well this is for you! A monthly subscription box filled with goodies! 
You will get a lot of inspiration to write and doodle! This allows you to brain dump and you know how important that is!!! 
The price includes shipping! 

Monthly subscription is $20 and one time purchase is $25.
Payment Options
In the box:
You will get 4-6 items in your kit.
  • 21 Journal/Doodle Prompts
  • 1-2 Journals
  • My favorite writing utensil at the moment
  • Gift- Print, Card, whatever dope item I can get my hands on! 
  • A FEW will recieve the latest published journal book! 

Want to just get 1 month??? Purchase below! 

Instead of getting a monthly charge, you can do one time and come back months later! 

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