Full Episode-It’s Not You It’s Men Sex and Sensibility

Full Episode-It’s Not You It’s Men Sex and Sensibility

Its not you its men

It’s Not You It’s Men Sex and Sensibility

Hey beautiful people!

Did you get a chance to watch Saturday’s episode of the new show, It’s Not You It’s Men on OWN? If not, check out the video at the end.

Although, I watched it via Periscope, I still got a great impression of the show. As a recent divorcee a lot of the questions presented on the show have been in my mind over the past year. I love getting insight on from the male perspective, so thanks fellas!

Jordin Sparks, Dr. Mike Freeman/Daughter, Marlon Wayans and a spoken word artist all graced the stage with the hosts of the show.

Loved how Tyrese keeps it so real and is not afraid to be who he is! I would probably side more with the Rev for many reasons.

The questions of the show:

  • Why should you wait to have sex?
  • Is it important to have sex before marriage?
  • Is there such thing as bad sex?
  • The walk of shame, what do you think about it?
  • Virgins, celibacy, and born again virgins, what do you think?
  • Can a relationship survive bad sex?
  • Does sex complicate the relationship?
  • Purity pledge, what are your thoughts?
  • How long can you go in a relationship without sex?
  • Are things motivated by sex?

Can we have this conversation? Comment below some of your answers. 

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