It’s National Coffee Day, Hooray!

It’s National Coffee Day, Hooray!

Hooray! It’s National Coffee Day


I am a coffee snob, maybe because I am bougie or maybe not but either way, I love coffee. I personally take my coffee very seriously and just how I like my men, “Strong and Black.” I may be open to Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Ethiopian or Brazilian if you get what I am saying!

Today is National Coffee Day, and of course we celebrate it everyday because it is not only a want but a need. Coffee for me helps me think straight, it wakes me up and it makes me a nicer person. If you are a coffee addict like myself, you know that feeling of ecstasy after those first three sips. A smile grows as the coffee hits your tongue down your throat. I do believe that caffiene/coffee is a drug.

In March, I participated in the Daniel Fast and because I knew I was an addict I wanted to make sure that I broke the coffee habit. I went 21 days with out coffee and then was challenged to go one more week so I did. But for me coffee was a need but also a want for the flavor and the experience. I broke my coffee habit and did not NEED coffee anymore. I would go days without it. I would have to force myself to drink it. That made me sad. How do you force yourself to enjoy something so wonderful. But here it is, September 29, still no NEED for coffee but because of love, you do things to prove it! Smile!

Because it is national coffee day, I wanted you to share in my joy and I hope that we have this love in common. There are places that are offering free coffee around the country! Isn’t that cool! Do you know where? Please share!

Part of my coffee snobbery consists of these ideas:

  • Decaffeinated coffee is NOT real and should never, ever be consumed under any circumstances. WHAT IS THE POINT! You might say, “I love the flavor” to that I walk away, shaking my head
  • Coffee doused in sugar, cream, flavor shots, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate, etc- THAT IS NOT COFFEE, that is diabetes in a cup, that is a breakfast dessert, I repeat, that is not coffee
  • Not all coffee is made equal, but I actually love McDonalds coffee. But you cannot just have any coffee. Choose your beans carefully
  • I love the French Press and you can get an affordable one from Ikea
  • I love cold press and cold brewed- of course BLACK!
  • I love coffee latte art
  • And amazing mugs is a must to enjoy great coffee in- I LOVE MUGS especially well designed ones

I love coffee so much, I started coffee chats on youtube. I have not done one in a while but I have to get back to that.

If you love coffee and love to follow people on Social Media here are some accounts that I follow:


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Favorite places to buy coffee mugs and gourmet coffee on the Bougie Budget:

  • Marhalls
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Target
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Home Goods

I also love cute coffee shops, what and where is your favorite coffee spot? Comment below. Check out this retail turned coffee shop in Serbia





Well, tell me are you a coffee drinker? Would you consider yourself a snob and I mean that as a compliment?! How do you take your coffee?

Always remember to

Coffee Quotes



And instead of  holding in your troubles and pain: Coffee troubles

Peace and Blessings- also, if you haven’t yet please subscribe, share and comment!


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  • I love coffee, before my day starts I have at least 2 cups. I love my french press and my nespresso machine. I’m not so much so into coffee art, but I love my coffee without sugar. Also a bit of a tea snob, I know quite a bit about and drink a lot of tea!

    • Cicely

      I hear you! Where did you get your French Press from? Thank you for commenting!

    • Cicely

      And I love tea as well! Teavana is a dangerous place for me!