Your Indecisiveness is Ruining Your Life

Your Indecisiveness is Ruining Your Life

Greetings beautiful people!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and next thing you know the holidays will be right around the corner. I bet you, there will be Christmas decor and promotion mid September… Then we will be coming up with New Years resolutions and next thing you know 10 years will go by and we will look back still talking about, I am going back to school, I am going to start my business, I am going to go travel etc. Time flies and no matter how many beauty products that offer anti-aging chemicals you are still getting older.

How many of you know a certain person that can never commit to anything or make a decision and move forward with it? Or they don’t care and are open to whatever? That gets on my last nerves! Sure, I can come up with every decision and you just better not complain about it. But of course, they do.

The indecisiveness is ruining your life  and those you are connected to in many areas. Every decision or the absence of a decision with always have a consequence whether great or bad. indecisiveness

The definition of Indecisiveness

(of a person) not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.
synonyms: irresolute, hesitant, tentative, weak; vacillating, equivocating, dithering, wavering, faltering; ambivalent, divided, blowing hot and cold, of two minds, in a dilemma, in a quandary, torn; doubtful, unsure, uncertain; undecided, uncommitted; informaliffy, sitting on the fence, wishy-washy, shilly-shallying, waffling, waffly
“an indecisive leader”

Indecisiveness is unattractive and if I am following someone such as a community leader, husband, future president and they cannot stick to their guns about a certain topic then they will lose my trust. Why would you follow confusion, that is dumb. They will have you looking just as dumb.

This year for me, my goal is to be open to every (good) new opportunity, weigh the pros and cons see if it should be a part of my life or not. Then, if I believe that it something that needs to be added, I take the appropriate steps to completing it.

Just imagine if you stood firm on your decisions and did what you needed to do to accomplish those things, how different your life would be. Even if you make the wrong decision, it is so much better than having an “I don’t know” attitude.  Even if I do not have the necessary resources to go forth, becuase I made a decision, I believe that it will come to fruition.

I made the decision to move out of the state, I had no idea what it would look like. I tried go to Atlanta and that did not work. I made it to Dallas with no job and in less than 3 months I had a job and my own place WITH FURNITURE 🙂  everything started gravitating towards me. People I needed to connect with, finances, events and more. Law of attraction

5 Tips for Making Decisions:

  1. Look at that thing from all sides, in and out. Make sure that what it is and what it will be, brings positive outcomes either in lessons learned or what you are seeking.
  2. Stop letting people including yourself get in your head talking you into or out of something. That will mess you up. You will be like dang why didn’t I do that and then you remember those voices mess you up.
  3. Make sure that what you are deciding to do aligns with your personal and professional goals. Why do something that is so far from your path? That makes no sense.
  4. Impulsive choices are not the best, and playing heads or tails can be dangerous as well. I have been tempted to get an expensive tattoo but I want to invest in my business so if I do not spend the money on a tattoo that will only bring me compliments and invest, then that would yield much more fruit.
  5. Be careful with all of the options. I cannot stand Forever 21 because of all the choices, I get so overwhelmed. So know what exactly you are looking for and do not spread yourself thin by finding extra stuff. You know, oh that shirt is cute and only $5 next thing you know you bought $100 worth of things and left WITHOUT what you went in there to get.

I went to school not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up, switched my major 5 times and what an expensive journey.  However, I made the decision to go to college and stuck with it! Researching prior to and knowing who you are and what you want, go hand in hand. Finally, I said I have these many credits in these courses, what can I get so I can get out?

I am not saying to not go with the flow but for things concerning your future, your wellbeing, you want to choose sooner than later and quit letting outside factors deter you. My biggest fear is looking back over my life at 65 years old and saying I wish I would have done something when I first thought of it.

What are some things that you are hesitant about? Why are you on the fence about it? Get real with that thing… is it going to bring you positive outcomes or negative? 

Peace and Blessings,

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