Dating Questions, What is Ghosting, Benching and Zombieing?

Dating Questions, What is Ghosting, Benching and Zombieing?

Hey beautiful people!

I have been known to ghost guys and get ghosted as well! Seems like the norm, very passive aggressive I know. But Francesca Hogi has some new terms that are so new to me.

I go back and forth with wanting to date or just do my single thing. When I get bored sometimes I turn on my POF and get reminded of why I turned it off in the first place.

Have you heard of these terms, Ghosting, Benching or Zombieing? I sure haven’t. I feel so old school and disconnected. Thanks to Francesca, she breaks it down!


Ghosting: When the person you were having a “relationship” just disappears… No texts, no calls, if you were friends on social media you have been blocked. It is like they never really existed. This is easy to do when there are so many options, the fast food of dating at your fingertips.

Benching: You have this person you like, but you like yourself more or just not really feeling them that well and you are pretty much stringing them along. Assuring them things are good, but takes you days to respond or contact them.

Zombieing: This person disappears and then pops up with that “Hey Stranger” text or I miss you. They think they can pick up where they left off. I can’t stand these types!!! Please just stay gone!!!

Anyways, Francesca talks about it more! Check it out here. She is pretty cool! Talks about dating and more!

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