Dating 101: How to Not Gain Happy Weight When Dating

Dating 101: How to Not Gain Happy Weight When Dating

Hey beautiful people,

So I am excited to say that I have been dating a lot more lately and I am really enjoying but what I am not enjoying is the few pounds that I have put on. This so-called happy weight has got to go! You know the happy weight you gain when you are going out to eat a lot more, netflix and chillin, drinking and being a little less active while enjoying great conversation and company.

Now am not a weight extremist and in fact, I don’t weigh myself unless at the doctors office. I have come to find that I am more happier when I look and feel good in clothes rather than the pounds. I am 5’9 and weigh about 205 and when I tell people that, they are shocked and say that I do not look it or I wear it well! Being a certain weight doesn’t work well with me and that is perfectly fine. As long as I feel good in my clothes, life will be grand.

So right now, I am not feeling it and so I have to do something about it! I asked my FB friends, “Say that I was dating, what are some tips you would give me to NOT gain weight?”

So with some of their advice and mine, I came up with this list to help us all out!

Happy Weight

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How to Not Gain  Happy Weight When Dating

  1. Don’t go on dates hungry– eating healthy snacks before and during will help you not over eat when you plan on going out for food. Those healthy snacks and eating breakfast will help you choose healthier options as well. I know that if I do not have breakfast, I literally feel like I am starving so when we do go out to eat, I want the most filling option and usually I don’t eat huge and hearty meals. Read more about eating healthy, if you are into that sort of thing!
  2. Remain independent outside of the one(s) you are dating– If you are a health nut continue to be that way, don’t start changing your habits if good when you get with them. Stick with your current lifestyle and make the dating revolve around that rather you revolving around dating.
  3. Watch those portions– if possible, split the meal ( I don’t really like sharing my food) but this helps financially as well! Or get a box right away to take home.
  4. Be honest with yourself and what you want– if you don’t want to date someone that is not active or lives a healthy lifestyle don’t settle. Let them know you would prefer not to eat out that much. If you are online dating be sure to be specific with that. I know I tend to skip the guys that says he is in the gym a lot and wants someone just like that, I can’t stand going to the gym, but maybe that is something I may need to work on especially since I am over here plumping up. If they look like all the do is sit at home eating or whatever, I will always swipe left! 🙂
  5. Try to stay away from late night meals especially if you will be going to bed soon- on one of my dates, I was hungry but the movie was about to start, then I didn’t realize it would be such a long movie but I opted out of dinner and just had a light snack.
  6. Drink lots of water– especially if you like lots of margaritas like me but the water will help fill you up. Those margaritas and other alcoholic beverages have a lot of empty calories.
  7. Don’t worry about gaining weight– enjoy the dates and live your life! Although many of us don’t like to gain weight, we should still not let that hold us back from living and enjoying dating!
Gaining weight while dating

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Healthy Date Ideas

  1. Cooking healthy meals that you found on Pinterest together
  2. Go on active dates- biking, hiking, rock climbing etc.
  3. Pack a lunch and go eat in the park
  4. Go on an actual date, not just out to eat comedy show (laughing burns a lot of calories), take an art class
  5. Workout together
  6. Go volunteer
  7. Participate in obstacle courses- like those 5k’s that are themed
  8. Go to music festivals or fairs
  9. Take tours of wineries, breweries, or the Coca Cola Plant or the Twinkie Factory
  10. DIY projects
  11. Visit art galleries or museums or a sculpture garden
  12. Go to an arcade and play games
Happy Weight

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What are some tips you would give daters who are concerned about gaining weight? What are other dating ideas you have to share! Be sure to comment! 

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