Another Bucket List for the Single Black Woman

Another Bucket List for the Single Black Woman

Hey Beautiful People,

Not Another List… YES!!! Yes, it is!

So recently, I have been saying yes to a lot of things and living my life the best way I can! I have been out with my girls, traveling, hosting events saying NO to things that stress me out and it has been amazing! As I continue to live in my singleness, and by singleness, I mean single until I say, “I DO!” I learn to love the many phases and levels that come with that.

So for the past 4 months, I have traveled or have booked future trips, been out exploring, open to love, spending money and so much more. Although my life is so busy, I still have to take time for me as a single woman. And I can tell you, this time last year I was not in the best place when it came to embracing and loving my singleness. Although, in a much better place,  I am still reminded of how single I am.

I recently came home the other week and realized how single I was, I had to work all day, go and get my oil changed, go to the grocery store, drag the bags up, put the food away, clean, cook and clean again, eat and by time I wanted to blog or do something productive it was time for bed. I sat and thought, it would have been a lot easier if I had someone to share these responsibilities with.

Anywho, being single is a blessing and not necessarily a curse, I am a firm believer that more things can get done with more people and that is relationships too! But I am single and working on living my best life.

So here are some things that I want to add and will continue to add on my, “Bucket List for Single Black Women” and just to note, this can be for anybody black, white, man, woman etc.

“Bucket List for Single Black Women”

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Work-Life Balance

  • LEAVE WORK EARLY, without even telling anyone. Just do it, walk out with just your purse, don’t bring work home and head to a happy hour. You probably don’t want to do that often, one time is good. Maybe once a year. Make it a tradition.
  • Leave work on time, don’t stay after, leave work at the office and go live your life outside of work. I have a friend/coworker that leaves just a little earlier to beat the traffic and go and do some fun things.
  • Call in BLACK- take a black day and do some black ish… I don’t know what that looks like for you but just do it!
  • Get a cleaning service- I know it is just you or you and the kids but being single means you have to do it all and sometimes that can be overwhelming, so find a cleaning service and have them deep clean once a month.



  • Get on Tinder, yes Tinder, or some other free dating app and go on 25 first dates. Bring mase and whatever other forms of protection but go, even if you don’t like the person. Who knows, you might just meet the love of your life.
  • Go on a BaeCation- don’t know what that is? Well, it is a trip you take with someone you are not in a relationship with and that is all you do. Meet up at different places around the world together. This works really well when you are long distance.
  • Love hard with no regrets or stipulations- even if they don’t deserve it, love the hell out of them and leave them… maybe they will be better for the person they are supposed to be with. 
  • Take a month or few off of dating and get to love self again.
Single Black Woman

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  • Take solocations- I will be heading to my first one in September for my birthday. How it works, go to a place where you don’t know anyone and explore a new city, country, in a different state or continent.
  • Family trips- You know how you are used to going to Big Mama’s house, how about planning Christmas in a different state or on the beach. They would love that.
  • Get a passport and USE IT- Get on a flight, get that stamp and see what that place has to offer. I am ashamed to admit this, I had my passport for 10 years and have NO stamps. Ugh.
  • Ride the Amtrak to nowhere, just spend a day or two riding the train and looking at the natural landscape


  • For a season stop serving and just attend. Feed your spirit and go live your life
  • Visit other places of worship and engage with the people


  • Change careers at least 2 different times, the world is changing drastically and you have to always learn new things and build your skills and knowledge. I am on career 2, that doesn’t include all of my jobs.
  • Take classes, did you know that there is always something to be learned? Well, you don’t have to learn it all but learn something that will give you more credibility just in case you lose a job and it has been years and everything has changed.
  • Stop worrying about advancing and become a master of your job and then advance


  • Learn something that you love to do and make money off that thang!
  • Do something that no one has to know about, let it be your little secret
  • Start a group- something you love to do, maybe a wine enthusiasts club or a knitting club or a brunch club!

Social Media


  • Troll the mess out of Pro-White folks and take them for a ride. Get out of your feelings and drag them into theirs! It will be epic! Did you hear about the man that posed as a neo-nazi or white supremisist on social media?
  • Catifish someone- ok as long as you don’t hurt anyone I think this could be fun… Make it like a science experiment, track the data.
  • Start a blog/youtube/podcast etc. you have something the world needs to hear, so you should do it even if just for a season
    Single Black Woman

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  • Camping and I DID NOT SAY GLAMPING… do that ish… enjoy that ish..
  • Sky-diving- I most likely will never do this due to my fear of falling and heights. But you can!!! Let me know when you do.
  • Become a big sister or mentor- you know you have a lot of love to give so why not give it to someone who could use more love!
  • Write a book- bestseller or not, just publish it. It is easy to do on Amazon! Talk about your life, give lessons, tell short stories etc. Just write it.
  • Go fight someone- not just anyone but maybe take a boxing class, I hear it releaves a lot of stress
  • Live by yourself- I lived with people most of my life but after my divorce, I didn’t want to be bothered with people and I won’t even have a roommate no matter the savings in cost. Until I get married of course but I love living alone.

What would you add to this bucket list? Leave your comments below!

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Peace and Blessings,

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