August Challenge: Purging

August Challenge: Purging

Greetings and Happy August!

I cannot believe it is August 1st, 2015 already. I swear, it was just January. I am thrilled though, nonetheless, to welcome August and all that it has for me. It is a time to rethink, rearrange and recharge. Summer is quickly coming to an end and I have some plans up my sleeve. I am going to be intentional for the month of August and my goals are to seriously purge.

This minimalism lifestyle is not just a phase, I want it in my walk, my head, my heart, my space and where ever I go. This past year was filled with so many emotions both positive and negative. It was filled with so many people’s thoughts and opinions that helped, hindered or just fell to the side. It was filled with so much stuff which I believe was a way to cope from my divorce and everything that came along with that. It was filled with foods and medicine that was good for me and not so good. It is a great time for purging, shedding unnecessary things or things that are now dead but yet, I am still holding on to.

Over the past few months I have found things that I enjoyed doing, things that make me happy. I intend on focusing a lot of attention to those things such as great food, traveling, writing and vlogging. I intend to spend time with people full of life and vigor. It is just something that is healing.

I have a challenge for you and me for the month of August, will you do it with me? Please say yes 🙂

I will dedicate this month to purging. What is purging you might ask?

gerund or present participle: purging
  1. rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release.
    “Bob had helped purge Martha of the terrible guilt that had haunted her”
    synonyms: cleanse, clear, purify, wash, shrive, absolve

    “he purged them of their doubt”
    • free someone from (an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition).
    • remove (a group of people considered undesirable) from an organization or place in an abrupt or violent manner.
      “he purged all but 26 of the central committee members”
      synonyms: remove, get rid of, expel, eject, exclude, dismiss, sack, oust, eradicate,clear out,weed out

      “lawbreakers were purged from the army”

There are so many things that you and I need to let go of. They may be feelings, clothes, stuff, expectations etc. Whatever it is those things need to go.

August Challenge: Purging
Week 1: Reflect on this topic, pinpoint things in your life that is unhealthy.
Week 2: Assess relationships- are there some toxic people in your life that needs some rearranging? Not everyone deserves to be in your space. You can love people from a distance. Who is that person or people?
Week 3: Thoughts, behaviors and words- there are some things that must be unlearned. This is vital for growth. We might be ruining relationships or continuing the same pattern and getting back the same negative results. We have to be real with this. What are they? Write it down have a conversation about it figure out what would be a great and positive replacement for these thoughts, behaviors and words.
Week 4: Stuff, Things etc- items give off good and bad vibes. It is true, many things have feelings, emotions and memories attached to it. What are some of the things that if you looked at it or touched it would send you spiraling down the wrong memory lane? Those things may bring you sadness but it may bring someone joy, donate, sell or trash those things.

Now when ever you remove something, there will be a void so think about how to fill those voids in a positive way. If I were to remove sugar from my diet I cannot replace it with something just as bad. So when you remove relationships from your life do not replace them with someone that has the same things as the others! This will be a huge challenge. Will you do it with me?

If you do, let me know! I will be blogging and vlogging this challenge. Might even Instagram things! Maybe that is a way you can do it as well. Let me know your process and how you are doing!

All the best to you. Tag me in your posts too! I want to share your successes!

Peace and Love,

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