73 Things to End the Year With A BANG!

73  Things to End the Year With A BANG!

Bougie Black Blogger73  Things to End the Year With A BANG! 


Hey beautiful people! I have a huge personal countdown that I am too excited to share with you AFTER the New Year! It is going to be grand so make sure you stick around to see what the great news is!

Did you know that there are 73 days left in 2015? It is coming to an end, finito, fin, das ende. Are you ending it with a bang? I always feel like the end should be grand. I think that is why people put so much emphasis on ending the year with a huge party orbeing at church, or spending it with family. However you end the year I pray it ends well. Are there some things you need to do personally or professionally before time passes?

As I closed out 2014, I ended my marriage and it was very emotional for me. I stayed with my mother for two weeks until I was able to move into my new place. I was emotionally unstable. But I was looking forward to the New Year. I am glad I am able to focus this time the end of the year with sparks, high hopes, and great times! I want to make it memorable in a way where I look back and smile and say, “I Did That!” or “I Can’t Believe I Did That!”

I wanted to be intentional and come up with 73 Things To Do To End the Year With A Bang. These ideas are random and can be done however and whenever you would like!

73  Things to End the Year With A BANG! 

  1. Wake up early and change your morning routine
  2. Interview a total stranger
  3. Write letters to your friends
  4. Volunteer at some organization
  5. Go to  a play
  6. Go to a live show
  7. Host a party, a bougie one
  8. Make wine
  9. Take a youth out somewhere they have never been
  10. Learn a new skill
  11. Buy flowers and give them to strangers
  12. Teach an elder how to use social media
  13. Write a book
  14. Create power playlist that is exciting and encouraging
  15. Start a book
  16. Finish a book
  17. Go to a store that you cannot afford, pick out clothes you would love to have, go try them on and take tons of pictures
  18. Go on a mini road trip to a city or town you have not been
  19. Record yourself dancing and replay it whenever you need cheering up
  20. Conquer a fear then have a ceremony
  21. Celebrate anything everyday! Have ice cream, cheers to something, go to dinner for something, anything to celebrate.
  22. Create a Write It Down Make It Happen List
  23. Splurge at the Dollar Store and donate it to people
  24. Tell people closest to you what they mean to you
  25. Create a gift to give
  26. Watch a documentary on something you know nothing about
  27. Weren’t invited somewhere? Get them a card or gift anyways
  28. Take yourself on a few dates that you wished someone else would do for you
  29. Take selfies, print them out frame them and put them on your wall
  30. Create a to do list of places you want to go
  31. Create a dream vacation itinerary and hang it up on your wall
  32. Vision pages and vision boards, write the vision make it plain
  33. Go dancing
  34. Go to a cooking class
  35. Write down quotes that inspire you and read them everyday
  36. Take a free online course
  37. Write a letter to yourself explaining how proud you are of yourself and what you are looking forward to yourself to achieve.
  38. Go watch the sunrise or set
  39. Spend a day without technology
  40. Attend a workshop or seminar on something you like
  41. Make a flipagram or video of the past year events
  42. Journal everyday
  43. Start a business
  44. Dress sexy just for yourself
  45. Have a girlfriends or brothers night out
  46. Single? Ask someone out! Attached? Surprise your love with an amazing date that you plan all by yourself
  47. Throw someone a surprise party just because
  48. Do something you would never do
  49. Minimize a room in your house
  50. Go to a workout class
  51. Take 21 days to create a habit
  52. Leave a huge tip
  53. Quit your job
  54. Find a new career
  55. Rent a luxury car  for a night out on the town
  56. Make a time capsule to open later
  57. Take a staycation by yourself
  58. Create a bucket list for different areas in life
  59. Do a restaurant crawl, start at one restaurant have soup/salad, then another restaurant to have the main course, then another for dessert and then the last for drinks and dancing.
  60. Photobombed peoples pictures in public
  61. Have a lazy day and don’t shower, brush your teeth or do your hair. Dance lay in bed watch netflix
  62. Start a hope chest for something you are preparing for- wanting a baby- buy some baby clothes, looking to move-buy some art or something to decorate your place
  63. Go out with an old friend you have not seen in a very long time
  64. Write a fun Will for your family- things you will people to do while they are alive, for example my cousin Brittaney, I want you to play the piano for the children at church at least one time
  65. Call in sick but go have fun
  66. Start a blog
  67. Take a really long walk
  68. Paint a picture
  69. Write your goals for 2016
  70. Update your resume
  71. Need to apologize to someone? Well write them a letter or contact them. Come to peace with it.
  72. Sing at Karaoke
  73. Create your own list of things to do before the end of the year


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  • Melesha

    Great tips, I will definitely be using some of these before 2015 ends, thanks!

    • Cicely

      Awesome I am so glad they sparked your attention! All the best to you as we end this year with a BANG!