7 Reasons Men Should be Mad at #ForeverDuncan

7 Reasons Men Should be Mad at #ForeverDuncan

Yalllllllll, as I continue to read people’s responses to #ForeverDuncan, I am an in awe of how much this event has made such an impact especially when it comes to black love. This viral love filled my social feeds and I can’t get out my feelings.

This is my ode to #ForeverDuncan Pt 2.

Here are 7 reasons Men Should Be Mad at #ForeverDuncan

BUT NOT REALLY… You shouldn’t be mad.


The bar was raised so high

#ForeverDuncan has now been engraved

in women’s minds, hearts and souls. They will never forget that magical moment of the ultimate proposal and wedding day surprise.

A reminder that real men don’t play games! 

Not enough time in the world to play games. Life is too short.

Real men know real men and give them respect!

Most women want to be wowed

… when that happens she will give you the world… but until you prove that you want, need, crave, respect, love them she won’t be taking you seriously.

The women that can truly celebrate

this moment and not even know them are most likely women that are tired of the games. Their hope in love has increased. They have have been sold because for one, this was real life, not famous celebrities or a Disney film.

Did I mention the bar was raised high?

And this is for relationships as a whole! Of course, do not try to redo or out do#ForeverDuncan, just do you in a way that can only represent you and and your love’s love.

Well fellas, we believe in you and we love you!! No pressure right!  Be sure to check out the last post about #ForeverDuncan.


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