5 Reasons I am Not a Fashion/Beauty Blogger

5 Reasons I am Not a Fashion/Beauty Blogger

Hey beautiful people,

I see all these beauty divas in a new outfit everyday with many poses, new makeup and hairstyles that make me go hmmmm and then I wish I could be a beauty/fashion blogger but then I realize why I cannot! I mean I love looking amazing and strutting my stuff but it seems like the next step for me is a whole new world that I am just not ready for lol! And besides… I would only take photos on the days where I look fly and have makeup on lol! Anyways, this is just a fun post I thought I would share!

Here are 5 Reasons why I am NOT a Fashion or Beauty Blogger

Shopping is a chore

Shopping is a chore


, I cannot AFFORD to shop all the time. Two, I do not even have time to shop. The final and greatest reason is that I hate shopping, going through clothes, trying them on being disappointed because they do not look like how it looks on the mannequin. Shopping is just no fun, I wish it were… (Disclaimer I love shopping when money, time and clothes all work together… Hence Single Black Female Addicted to Retail)

Fashion Sense! What’s That?

Fashion Sense! What's That?

I would have never thought of putting that shirt with that skirt or wearing it with those shoes… That is cute on you but just thinking about the process just hurts my head! What are your secrets? Let me know 🙂

Your Makeup Routine is 40 Steps

Your Makeup Routine is 40 Steps

Really, really no really… Do I have to look like a clown before I get extra beautiful… and then blending, OH EM GEE… please help me… I cannot draw my eyebrows… how do you do those catlines? I quit! This is crazy!

Who Is Going to Take My Pictures

Who Is Going to Take My Pictures
Allison Mathias Live Life Well Blog / Via i1.wp.com

Let’s face it, I am a selfie queen only because I love to see my angle before taking the pic. When others take my pic they have no idea what they are doing. Fashion bloggers, WHO TAKES YOUR PHOTOS… How do you stay so fly? Single lady over here… help a sista out!

And… The Industry Is Just So Saturated

And... The Industry Is Just So Saturated

It is a healthy fat, sure… but there is just so much fashion I can take says the fauxfashionista… Everyone wants a piece of the pie… And there is space for those who are most passionate about it!

Well anyways! You all take care! Thanks for reading!

Peace and Blessings,


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  • I can relate on so many levels! My best friend is a stylist and when she puts outfits together I’m blown away because she’s so good at it, but I’m also like, “okay, that took too much thinking.” I’m a simple girl. AND I’m shy about taking modelesque photos in front of strangers AND I’m not passionate about it, so I agree that we should leave it up to those who are lol.

  • I think the same thing when I’m looking at their pics like who takes these pictures. I took some pictures recently and shown the photographer a fashion blogger’s instagram like, “see how her pics look, can you capture….” lol no lie! As I finished off this post, my final thoughts were, “that heart butter looks goooooood.” And starting thinking about food that heart butter can go with.


  • I have the same questions. Who takes your pictures?? Where do you find the time? I hate trying on clothes as well. These people can take a t-shirt and do it 50 different ways. I’m sitting here like..flipflops..jeans…silverhoops. Damn!! I got ketchup on the white shirt and can only find 1 silver hoop. smh

  • Yolanda

    True! Ain’t nobody got time for all that. But we only see the end product. We don’t see the photographer or tripod, the brand partnerships and sponsorships, nor do we see how they batch their content. If you see them on the street IRL versus what they just posted on their blog or social media, I’m sure it doesn’t match up. Not to take away from their skill and taste, but a lot of planning goes into it that we don’t see.

    • Cicely

      That is a great point, that would be number 6 of why I am not a fashion or beauty blogger- I don’t like to plan so far in advance and coordinate with a photographer lol! Yes, definitely the sponsorships!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Right! Who is taking your picture!! I wish I had a personal photographer with me every time I decided to stunt . . . which is like once a week. lol

    • Cicely

      LOL right…. I was telling that to someone not too long ago saying I wish I had someone to just follow me take pics record me everywhere I go… 🙂

  • Shayla

    Love this post, too funny! I’m the same way, I would love to get into makeup, but I just can’t see myself spending 2 hours in front of the mirror caking on all those products on my face.

    • Cicely

      I know that is right… I really love make up and dressing up but most of the time I am like I just want to wear sweats and lounge all day lol! No time for all that other stuff!

  • I love all your reasons and agree that the market is saturated. I also think that once you become a “fashion blogger” you open yourself up to a lot of criticism. My friends and I are constantly reading the blogs and critiquing bloggers fashion. I’m always asking myself “What do we consider fashion?” because a lot of people will throw on a simple outfits day in and day out and call it fashion.