5 Mantras To Live Better

5 Mantras To Live Better

Happy November beautiful people! We are heading into one of my favorite seasons which is filled with gratitude. I feel like in the month of November many people are more thoughtful and intentional with all of their blessings which is good. I know people are grateful year round but during this time it is much more visible.

I am in the process of completing chapters and starting new ones but sometimes it is hard to move forward when you keep rereading old chapters and pages. I thought that because we closed October out, we should enter November with new expectations, goals and attitude.

There are so many challenges out there people are signing up for and I have not just yet, I am sure I will find something that I want to be a part of to show my grateful spirit. Until then, I found some great mantras or thoughts that I wanted to focus on as I start new journeys and do it successfully and amazingly (if that is a word).

Here are 5 Mantras to Live better in any shape or form:

  1. Let go so that you can move forward. This is exactly what I was saying, I kept rereading chapters and pages and not creating what is to come. I have to let go of things that will hold me back in ways that will be detrimental for my future. For example, previous relationships that I was involved in. I do not want the mistakes made to mess up any future I have with men that I meet. THE WORD
  2. Be like Nike and Just Do It! This is the truth, so many people get stuck because they are just too afraid to try. The biggest failure and regret anyone should have is to never try. I think this is a cowardice way of acting and thinking and even when I am scared of the outcomes, I will still do what I plan on doing even while scared. Who knows I could win big or lose hard but either way I have experienced something and will be able to help others in a similar situation.THE WORD (1)
  3. What consumes your mind controls your life. I was thinking about this, about what I constantly thought about and realized that Blog was Bae. I thought about how I constantly thought and wanted to blog and share. Then I realized if I spent that same time thinking about situations that I could not control it would begin to control me. If I am being controlled by something that brings no joy, I need to let that go. I need to focus on things that bring me happiness and joy and that is many things.THE WORD (2)
  4. Show me your friends I will show you your future. I heard someone say this and was floored. I then thought about the people closest to me and what they do and how they act. Was it positive and progressive or negative and digressive? I then thought about my circle of friends and realized they are few in number but doing some amazing things. I am excited for the people in my circle and glad that they are a representative of me in the future. THE WORD (3)
  5. Do you boo! So many people will have something to say and it may be helpful or hateful or anything in between. I realized that the only person that can live my life is me and that I will be the one ultimately living the benefits or consequences and that is ok. My happiness is an inside job and no one can take my place. I am going to do what I love as long as it does not hurt anyone. THE WORD (4)

So when you are starting to question yourself, start to feel lost, feel like giving up use these mantras to help you get back on track with your passions, your goals and dreams. I suggest writing them down somewhere or making sure you can see the mantras as quickly as possible.

Also, find or create some of your own to go off of. This is your life and you will have what you speak so what do you say?

What are some of the mantras that you live by? Please comment below, we can create a list together to share for others.

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Thank you!

Peace and Blessings,
Cicely Renee

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  • Love all these mantras. All great ones to live by

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      Thank you! What are some of your favorite Mantras?