100 Dope Millennials

Greetings beautiful people!

Keeping alive the positive vibes over at the Bougie Black Blogger, we want to invite you to nominate yourself or others to be featured as a Dope Millennial!

There are millennials all over doing some amazing things and we want to shine that light! We will be keeping the nominations open but will begin posting in February!


Bougie Black Blogger wants to spotlight 100 Dope Millennials that are doing some dope things. This could be a business owner, volunteer in the community, highly educated, inventor, teacher, ceo, lawyer, mailman, artist, etc!

You can fill this out for someone or you can submit yourself! Will begin posting in February so be sure to follow www.twitter.com/Cicelyrenee for updates.

Be sure to have an email so that I can request photos!



Disclosure, we are all about positivity and black excellence so if it does not align with our mission then it may not be published. —->You don’t have to be black to be featured. <—-


Below you will tell us

  • Write between 200-800 words
  • Describe the person
  • What they do for a living
  • What they do to make them so dope
  • Quotes
  • Etc
  • Imagine filling this out to receive a cash reward… MAKE IT SOUND GREAT!

Go ahead and brag!!!

This will be used for the blog feature!


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