10 Posts I DON’T Want to See On Facebooks On This Day #Blogmas

10 Posts I DON’T Want to See On Facebooks On This Day #Blogmas

Facebooks On this day reminding me of things I don’t want to remember like…

On this day in facebook history

Oh my gooosshhhhh stop Facebook! Can I please deactivate you? Yes, it is always nice to reflect on the past to see how far we’ve come but some stuff needs to stay in the past! I must say thank you though for NOT making it public until I share it, however people connected to certain post still get it in their, “On This Day”. But really, can we not see all the silly posts we wrote while young and silly in college? Can we not see those pictures that we posted when we THOUGHT we were stylish and fly? Can we NOT see the failed relationships through our comments and pictures shared to our network?

Let me ask you, do you like this feature or is it just me that cannot stand it?

Here are two different memories that are in my Facebooks On This Day where it is hard to figure out if I like the app or not:

Facebook On THis Day

You see #1 is something I could care less about reminding me of the time when I was married on this day in history. But when you see #2, it is funny and relevant where I could share happy memories and thoughts.

I did some research and found out that you could set some preferences on who you would like to filter and dates that you would like to block out.

Here are those steps:

Go to the On This Day app and then click preferences and this will pop up.

How to get rid of ON THIS DAY


Then click edit and the screen below will pop up so you can choose the dates and the people that you would like to NOT have in your On This Day:

Steps to change Facebooks On THis day


I like the message letting me know I can block people.

As I was looking through on how to filter this, I thought, how do you filter things that I wrote and not a specific person. I began to think this process of filtering dates and people are stupid because, one I am not even friends with a lot of people that these posts are relating to and two how do I know what dates I posted things on? So that whole process got thrown out the door as quickly as it began.

So how do you filter promises that you wrote in a status that was so filled with hope and love and then a whole year later all those hopes and promises have been tossed in the trash? I guess you can’t and you have to relive it hoping that you have learned the lesson where you do not have to repeat the same event.

I remember seeing a lot of posts that I did not post but were tagged in it and I am like why??? Can you please remove that bad boy from your facebook 🙂

There are a lot of good memories though, like the day I graduated with my Master’s Degree or that time I volunteered for the group home. There are other memories of photos that bring so much joy where I am like SHARE!!!! Those posts, I am grateful for.  But it’s those other posts that I am like uughhh I was so young, dumb and drunk and I am like please, let us get rid of those things FOREVER!! And Facebook, you aren’t even doing a good job because there are conversations that have no beginning or end and I am like what were we talking about and why?

Here are 10 of those Posts that I DON’T Want to See On Facebooks On This Day:


  • The post of me taking shots UNDERAGE with my college friends… Can we please remove that as if a future employer may search and scour the internet looking for incriminating photos of me.
  • The post where I thought that airing my dirty laundry to the facebook world was beneficial and needed but then realized, I probably should not have said that.
  • Those posts where I thought talking about people in a negative way was something fun and exciting and now when  see it I am like Cicely, girl you know better.



  • Those booty shot pictures where I thought I was being sexy… ummm could you not do that…Booty SHot
  • Those photos where you can tell we were so drunk and we most definitely did NOT need proof of your previously crazy ways
  • Those photos of me kissing and loving all on my my ex like we were going to be there till death do us part…
  • Those stupid subliminal messages to try to get my point across
  • Those photos where my fashion sense made no sense
  • My declarations for silly obsessions OVER AND OVER AND OVER…. something like when I constantly was physically active for only a WEEK… lol
  • Rants and raves about nothing and everything
  • Bonus- something I DIDN’T do but see others STILL do in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s— that MIDDLE FINGER PICTURE… What does that mean and prove anyway?

Those are just a few, what are some of the things that you cannot stand be reminded on the Facebooks On This Day App?

Facebook has built an algorithm where they will try to remove as much unwanted photos and comments by watching who you removed from a relationship status or something similar.

But maybe this app is good, kind of like your high school diary reminding you of how silly you were and not to ever go back to those ways. Also, embracing the good and the not so good realizing that all these things are shades of who you are or were.

But thank you facebook for all the things you do to keep me addicted… Next post: How to break facebook addiction, 1st step look at On This Day and see all the not so good memories 🙂 No I am kidding that will not be a post… but it probably should be!

What is funny is that I ALMOST posted pics of me that I did NOT want to see… You almost got me!

Well be sure to subscribe, comment and share! I really like it when you do 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!

Peace and Blessings,

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  • haha! these are hilarious! The best way to get rid of an ex’s photo on facebook is to delete it or untag yourself!