8 Lists You Need To Write To Jumpstart the New Year

8 Lists You Need To Write To Jumpstart the New Year

8 Lists You Need To Write To Jumpstart the New Year

It is the first of the month in January and you know what that means!!!!

It is the New Year!!! I am assuming people will jumpstart the New Year by:

  • Kissing at midnight
  • Someone proposing and someone saying yes
  • Preparing black-eyed peas
  • Writing your New Year’s Resolutions
  • Hungover
  • Or just chilling

Well whatever you are doing…Happy New Year Beautiful People!


I am so thrilled to start the New Year for many reasons, one being that I just relocated to Dallas, TX and that means new job, new places, new food and new people to to meet! My past couple of New Years have been monumental in ways that changed my life drastically and I am so glad I have reached this milestone in a #BlackGirlMagic kind of way.

Most people around this time are thinking of New Years Resolutions that they want to successfully complete this year and they do so well for the first 30 days. More power to you! One thing that I learned has been quite effective in my life is a concept called, Write It Down Make It Happen, which I did last year and here was an update that I wrote. What I learned in the process is that when you write things that you want to accomplish down and you look at it daily in task form, it is more likely to happen.

Most people are visual learners and when they see things it gets embedded in their mind. SO think if you looked at it often, it becomes a part of your mind, which then results into words and then behavior. That is why many people love creating vision boards and they LOVE Pinterest.

Another step in the process is to cross off what you have completed. One thing that I want to start doing in the New Year to help with my organization is called Bullet Journaling and I first heard about it from this amazing blogger over at The Brunette with a Blog, read about her Bullet Journal. Her post made so much sense for me and because I am getting super busy and active I need to remember everything.

So my beautiful friends, what are some of the things you want to accomplish and how will you go about doing it? Do you have a process?

Well here are some lists that you can start creating to jumpstart the New Year.

New Years Resolution

Lists for the Mind

  • books I want to read this year
  • quotes to post around my house
  • positive thoughts/mantras to get in my mind
  • questions you have that you want answered
  • things to do today

Lists for the Body

  • foods I want to eliminate from my body
  • foods I want to try
  • ways to exercise in my spare time
  • ways to promote self-love

Lists for the home

  • things that need to go
  • things I want to add
  • rooms that need to be cleaned

Lists for the Professional Life

  • things I want to learn that will help me at my job
  • people I need to network with in person or linked in
  • things I need to do to be more effective and productive at work
  • careers and jobs that you think you would love to do

Lists for the Personal Life

  • habits I want to make or break
  • restaurants I want to try
  • places and events I want to attend
  • friends and family I want to reconnect with
  • things that you have done that you are proud of

Lists for the Happy Life

  • things that make you so happy
  • people you need to forgive
  • the bucket list for this year and life
  • the “If I Had One Million Dollars, What Would I do?”
  • wardrobe shopping list

Lists of How-To’s and Why’s

  • how to be more communicative
  • how to walk into the room and own it
  • why Facebook and Instagram does not paint a realistic picture of life
  • why you should/not be president for a year
  • how to approach certain people in what ways
  • why you are awesome
  • how to get over something
  • why you deserve the job/promotion

Lists for the Etcetera’s

  • things to do in your spare time
  • movies you want to watch
  • splurges you want to make
  • things you want to buy
  • romantic date ideas
  • words you want to add into your vocabulary
  • cocktails you want to try
  • things to do for other people
  • fantasies that you have
  • qualities and skills you would like to acquire
  • people that inspire you
  • gifts for people
  • bloggers to follow-(include me on this list)
  • DIY projects you want to try


There are so many things that you can create and these are just some ideas. If you are going to do it, I encourage creating a bullet journal and getting really creative with it! Make sure that you are crossing things off that you have accomplished! Lists are a sure way to keep organized and on track.

Well I hope you jumpstart your New Year with love, peace and many blessings! Stay tuned as the Bougie Black Blogger revamps and transforms.

Thanks for reading and Cheers to you!

A big shout out to Mimi Cute Lips for creating her lists! Check it out.

Peace and Blessings,



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  • I can definitely co-sign on the Bullet Journal. I started one at the beginning of December and now I’m hooked. It’s so much more effective for me and it’s simple. Happy New Year!

  • This was so great! I was just thinking about writing lists like this and you gave me some excellent ideas. I wish you the very best for 2016.

    Rose | http://www.hertaintedlips.com

  • Seriously great thought provoking list ideas, and I love your tagline btw!

  • I discovered the Bullet Journal method last year too and love it. I’ve always been a list maker and this method flows so nicely for that type of personality. Plus I love crossing things off. I didn’t buy anything special for my journal. I use one of the many notebooks I have laying around. Your new year lists ideas are thought provoking.

  • Great list! These list have given me some ideas.

  • I just saw this post, and saw that you linked my blog, and I just wanted to say thank you! 🙂 I LOVE your blog, too. I don’t personally know you, but I can imagine your blog is an indication of the fabulous person you are. Thanks again for the lovely words about my blog!
    – The Brunette With a Blog

  • Love this post… I love the bullet journal system I started using it at the end of October. It has helped me a lot in just these few months I have been using it. I probably have 20 list or more in it now. I am trying a new method for To Do List stay tuned for more info. Its simple, common sense but very effective. Loving all that you are doing with the Bougie Black Blogger. You Inspire me!

  • I love this post! I usually focus on writing lists for “To Do” and “To buy” and “Etc” but limit it there. I’m definitely going to work on a list fo rmy home in the near future since I’m looking to buy a condo. Some stuff will have to go and I know I’ll need to buy a bunch of new things to decorate.