10 Growing and COOL Careers other than Doctor and Lawyer

10 Growing and COOL Careers other than Doctor and Lawyer


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School is around the corner and that means, most students will be learning to the test or learning the basics just to pass to the next grade. Every time you look around the corner, the school’s budgets keep getting cut. That means electives and classes that support the arts and other activities that help mold our children’s mind are disappearing. Students see very few career options available to them. I was shocked today, when I talked to a rising senior and she told me she wanted to be a Political Consultant which is similar to Public Relations. I was like, “What, not a doctor or lawyer?”student_studying

As I looked into careers and fields to study in college I was reminded of the types of people there are in the world. There are many different groups and characteristics of eras of people, for example, I am a millennial and some of the characteristics that I fall into is that I get bored easily, I switch up careers every few years, my work has to be meaningful to me. Millennials are 18-34 as of 2016. Children younger than that, 9-21 do not have much research about them just yet but most of them will have never not known technology. My two year old homegirl Jordin knows how to take selfies and snapchat.

When thinking about careers people are always thinking about the NOW. What is cool now but do not look into the future of projected changes of life. Just because it is cool now, does not mean it will always be cool. Although, people projected there would be flying cars around this time and I do not think we have gotten there yet but a lot of future projections is a really good sign of where the world is headed.

Where is the world headed? LOTS AND LOTS of technology. In Japan they made lifelike humans. Creepy yes, but this is the direction of the future.


One thing that is holding people back is literacy. Students are not reading at grade level and are held back which may result into dropping out of school. With all of the fair wage campaigns, places like McDonalds are wiping out the need for humans to really have that in person communication by installing ordering kiosks. As time goes on and the need to have quicker, quality service while managing the demand is growing, technology is that medium. Not saying it is right but it is a reality. But now, with computers taking over and jobs now requiring more college educated employees, we have to think about targeting and preparing for projected demands in this world.

I work as a college and career planning coach and have many conversations with students about what they want to be or study. Some are on point with future demands which also, aligns with their interests, strengths and personality but some are so off and are still thinking about the success of certain careers from the past or what “SOUNDS GOOD.” I ask them what they want to be and they say a doctor, I ask why  and they say because I like helping people. Many of them, hate science, math struggle academically and have these lofty ideas but really have no idea. I would rather have a student tell me they have no idea! It is easier to have an open conversation and direct them to career ideas based on their interest and aptitudes and future projections.

I always say, make sure the career outlook is good because you still have to finish high school and college and you want to make sure there is a career waiting for you.

So thinking into the future about careers, here are 10 that would be cool and worthwhile:

  • BabyBoomer type positions. Ok, that is not a career but think about all of the baby boomers that are about to retire. You want to understand their buying habits, activity habits and where they are retiring from. Home health care aides are in this area, seniors activity center and so much more.
  • Health Services Manager– Say they like the medical field but do not want to be a doctor or do not have the necessary grades to do that, management in the field would be a great option! They are active and till play a part in saving lives!
  • Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer– People get hurt and people play sports. This is for the person that does not really want to be a medical doctor but wants to help in some way. They usually were athletic growing up and throughout their high school and college career. They do have to get a masters degree though.
  • Registered Nurse– So this is a great area and people in this field and travel as well. One of the top and fastest growing careers.
  • Entrepreneur- This is my favorite! Find a need or make a need. People will support but you definitely want to find something that is lucrative and universal. Find something you are passionate about. Study business or a specialized area.
  • Engineering– There are so many specialities when it comes to this industry. It pretty much comes down to passion. What is the student most passionate and interested in?
  • STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math– almost anything related to these areas are great choices. Computer Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Agriculture Engineer, and more. If you are a woman, they want you even more!
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialist– Occupational health and safety specialists analyze many types of work environments and work procedures. Specialists inspect workplaces for adherence to regulations on safety, health, and the environment. They also design programs to prevent disease or injury to workers and damage to the environment.
  • Multimedia Artists and Animators-Multimedia artists and animators create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media.
  • Architect– Employment of architects is projected to grow 7 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs will be very strong because the number of applicants continues to outnumber available positions.


Things to really think about when researching a career:

  • Online everything- ecommerce, books, teaching/education, funding and so much more. Everyone is going to the internet and is on there so much of of their day.
  • What has already gone extinct becuase something new has popped up? Thinking about VHS and now we barely are watching DVDs… we are STREAMING LIVE!
  • Government and Politics- Things are shifting majorly. What are the things that are needed to help mediate or remedy that?
  • Innovation- what is being created to help the needs, desires and demands for the world today? What careers or companies are working on those things?

There is so much to talk about in this topic and I have so much to say. Stay tuned for more blogs that will be a part of the Back To School series.

What questions do you have about school, colleges, scholarships, careers, how to get involved and more? Drop your questions below and I will do my best to get back to you!

What career did you think was going to be forever but not around much anymore?

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